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Celebrity T-Shirt Statements

Do you remember the time Victoria Beckham wore that T-shirt?  The one saying, ‘What comes around goes around’?  Everyone was talking about it.  Who is it aimed at?  What was she thinking about when she decided to wear it?  Who’s wronged her?     T-shirts are a great way to make a statement and celebrities [...]

Top Ten Best Dressed Celebrity Men 2010

After seeing the list for Vogue, I have to sadly admit, I was quite dismayed. Although I agreed with some of the names, I found myself poking an angry index finger at my laptop screen, thinking to myself ‘how?’. Glamour also had the usual choices, which every year does not come as a surprise. In [...]

Angelina Jolie Insecure About Brad Pitt

Is Angelina Jolie one of the most insecure women on the planet? It is alleged that she flew into a rage over partner Brad Pitt’s admission that he rang Courtney Cox to console her over her separation from husband David Arquette. Jolie is deemed to be upset over the thought that Pitt has only contacted [...]

Jennifer Aniston Perfume Launch

Hoards of fans flocked to London’s Harrods just a few short hours ago to see sexy Jennifer Aniston in the flesh as she launched herperfume fragrance “Jennifer Aniston” dressed in beautiful high heels and a nude Valentino strapless dress. Her debut perfume is a new form of success for this genuinely sweet A-list celebrity.  Here [...]

Celebrity home wreckers?

Angelina Jolie: Saint or Sinner? Is it OK to be a home-wrecker if you really believe you’re meant to spend the rest of your life with the person you’re having an affair with?  With today’s divorce rates at an all time high, how do you know that he/she really is the one that’ll be by [...]