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The Revelation

As you darling readers may know, I had a break up recently. Well two months ago, which for some of you is a millennia, for some is almost like the blink of an eye. For me it’s still very very recent and really quite raw. He left to work on cruise ships for six months [...]

Sued for being ugly, do looks really matter?

Has the world actually gone mad?   When I read the story about a man suing his ex-wife for being ugly I had to delve deeper. Basically after having a daughter with his wife, Jian Feng accused his wife of cheating, as the child was so ugly it didn’t look like them. After all the [...]

What Happens When You Lose A Big Love?

I’ve recently gone through something that I think most people reading this will be able to relate to. I’ve lost the person who I deemed to be my “great love”. After three years of running away from each other and, inevitably, running back to each other, the plug has finally been pulled on what was [...]

Chancing Change

It’s a familiar feeling; letting go. That favourite pair of trousers that you know you will never wear again for fear of everyone thinking that you are living in a world without mirrors, but that you can’t quite bring yourself to throw out in case one day they do actually become fashionable again. We all [...]

Is A Break The Prelude To A Break-Up?

  When things get heated in our lives, we tend to opt for taking a step back; we shut ourselves off for a while and take a break from things to re-evaluate the situation so we can ultimately move forward with it. Generally speaking, this method works. We gain the ability to look at things [...]

True Perfection Has To Be Imperfect

Or perhaps this should be entitled, how not to get emotionly involved with the wrong guy too quickly.  I suppose it was a classic rookie mistake, but I still feel somewhat rather foolish.   Before, I could only listen when my friends described dates that left them cold. I couldn’t relate to it, because I [...]

Sealed with a smile

Katie Perry has signed legal documents with a smiley face after her divorce from comedian Russell Brand. The couple, who were married for a grand total of 14 months before announcing their split in December have reportedly reached a ‘comprehensive written settlement’. Katy’s positive attitude could be down to Brand, who, despite not signing a [...]

Keeping Your Foot in the Romantic Door

After a break-up there are typically some leftover feelings and questions that you can’t help but try and answer: Is this for the best? Can I really live without him? Did we do the right thing in breaking up? They’re natural queries that everyone experiences. Breaking up with someone can sometimes be a life-changing event [...]

Could Tulisa Be The New Enid Blyton?

There’s always going to be scepticism when a celebrity announces that they’re going to play author and craft their own novel with ‘hands of inexperience’. Doubters happily go out of their way to discourage the star with harsh comments, outwardly exhibiting a lack of hope in their ability, demanding that they stick to their trade, [...]

Why Do Celebrity Marriages Never Seem to Last?

It’s been a busy few months with all the break-ups of celebrity couples. Most recently it was Seal and Heidi Klum, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, and before that Katy Perry and Russell Brand (which I’m sure we all saw coming from the moment they got together). The list is endless. It almost seems to [...]

Modern Romance

Call me old fashioned but I believe there is a certain etiquette which should be followed in the world of dating. The etiquette being that verbal communication is king and only the weak hide behind texting and messaging.   However, the use of social media and instant messaging has changed how we interact with each [...]

How Long Should You Mourn A Past Love?

When you break up with your (now ex-) other half, you feel as if your world’s shattered. All those plans and sweet promises you’ve made to each other over the time of your relationship have been obliterated, and you ask yourself: what do I do with myself?   After reading many articles and anecdotes by [...]

Will It Work This Time?

Some relationships fizzle out after time, some last for many years and some are on and off for a while. For the ones that end and are over and done with, you just have to move on and hope that next time you get it right. For the ones that last for years these are [...]

Do You Know When To Quit?

We all know how hard it is to break a habit. Whether it’s giving up smoking, cutting out alcohol or trying to stop biting your nails; quitting something you enjoy doing or see as a comfort can be the hardest thing in the world.   How similar this problem is when it comes to breaking [...]

Social Media Making It Harder To Move On?

When moving on from a relationship I’m a firm believer in the concept of ‘out of sight out of mind’. However, in this day and age with social media, networking sites and messenger applications steering clear of an ex is not as simple as avoiding his local. Getting through the day can be hard enough [...]

Ex-pensive Break Overs: The real cost of being dumped

Crying over your meal for one, watching Pretty Woman on repeat, and listening to Leona Lewis’s ‘Bleeding Love’ until your ears may actually bleed; we’ve all been there when it comes to dealing with a break up. However, the emotional cost isn’t the darkest phase that women should fear, as a new study reveals that [...]

Back To The Heartache

Reading old diary extracts can be a painful yet uplifting ex-perience, and it’s funny how you never write about the good stuff. This weekend I stumbled across some interesting notes I had made to make myself feel better at the time, they epically failed, but I found it fascinating to see where I was then [...]

In Her Shoes

It is probably easier said than done to, “get over it” or to “not think about it too much”. When it is a friend who is going through a bad break up or who has a few guy issues, we often wave it away, forgetting how hard it was when we were in a similar [...]

The Kids Are Alright

When it comes to other people’s relationships, I may as well have my own little advice column on I find it pretty easy to surmise whether or not people are attracted to each other, or if the relationship they are in is going to last. So I was not surprised this week, when the [...]

Prom King

Have you ever been so in awe of someone that you let him slip through the net?  Have you ever dated a guy, fallen for him hard, and lost him because you just didn’t know how to deal with the emotions of being so into him?   When I was a 19 years old university [...]