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Disgraced Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren Divorced

They wish “each other the very best for the future” but that future won’t be spent together as Tiger Woods and Swedish wife Elin Nordegren officially divorced today. The marriage was formally dissolved in a Florida court today but they shall be sharing joint custody of their two children. The world became privy to the [...]

What the FOC?

When it comes down to it, the FOC (fear of commitment) overrides the LUV every time.

Sex, Lies and Craven Escapes

Two weeks ago I went on my third date with Richard. I went to his house. He cooked. We drank. He said he would text me at the end of the week and we’d get together over the weekend. It was lovely. I never heard from him again. A while back I dated Ted for six weeks. [...]

Partners in Crime

We commit all sorts of crimes against our friends and partners. But what about when a partnership ends? Is it a crime to try to be friends with an ex?   I nearly always try and often fail. It seems to me that it comes down to three main criteria: means, opportunity and motive.   [...]

Heart Break, Smart Break

When it comes to experiences of pain I believe the majority of us would rather subject ourselves to root canals and bikini wax’s 100 times over than experience heartbreak just once. Technology is so advanced in this day and age we can travel round the world in a matter of hours and for those who [...]

How to Cope with the ‘eX Factor’.

Now this is a question that will split best friends apart, families into disorder and probably bring upon the end of the world, or so it may seem. Can you remain friends with someone you used to be so much closer with? And that is the issue, how close were you during the relationship? If [...]