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Tom Cruise Would Be The Ideal Man To Advertise Bags Of Sick To The Public

Well, if anyone would’ve told you that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were to divorce you’d… well, you wouldn’t be too surprised would you? It’s like putting eggs and bacon in a blender and telling people it’s breakfast; it’s just not going to work. Unless you’re a pug or a seagull, but they’re useless, seeing [...]

The ‘have it all’ woman is probably just as lonely and fictitious as Ms. Havisham

Besides controlling our calorie intake and deciding on which humble bachelor we are to stumble down the aisle with, it seems that ‘having it all’ is just another item to add to the list of fates we women can only hope to master in our lives.   In the 50s, to ‘have it all’ would’ve [...]

We’ll always go for d**kheads, it’s the cycle of life

When you consider the two words ‘celebrity couple’ you can’t help but immediately roll your eyes, absent-mindedly turning the pages in your magazine, saying ‘yeah, I give it two weeks after the reality show lapses’. Well, we do have enough ammunition to say so… think Kim and Kris, Britney and Jason Alexander, Dennis Rodman and [...]

Brad and Angelina Engaged

  So Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are finally getting married.  It was always quite likely as they seem ever so committed to their children, if not each other too.   For some strange reason, though, it feels bitter sweet to hear this.  We may be happy for them, but can’t help but feel sad [...]

How a Hum-Ha Bloke Made You Weak At The Knees

It’s easy to be complacent, going through the motions, saying ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to things, ‘this will do, that won’t do’. We do it all the time; on those dank Friday evenings when the buses are all late you say ‘oh, go on’ to a taxi and knock your arm up. In the middle of [...]

Demi Moore is ‘sick to her stomach’

Let’s be honest, it is every ex’s nightmare to hear that their previous flame has hooked up with someone else and for Demi Moore this is no different. In fact, it is probably more painful to hear the news via the media, especially for someone who is constantly in the spotlight anyway.   Left in [...]

Desperate Housewives and Famous Ex-Wives

Jurors assessing the dismissal case against Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry are struggling to reach a verdict.   Nicollette Sheridan insists she was fired after telling the TV network’s bosses that the writer/producer had hit her on set.   Cherry’s defence is that he was merely demonstrating how he wanted her to act in a [...]

Russell Brand Spotted With ‘New Girlfriend’

Russell Brand has only just signed his divorce papers, yet the rumour mill has already started to turn as speculation around a new girlfriend grows.   The English comedian was spotted and snapped out with Oriela Medellin shopping in West Hollywood over the weekend and the two were photographed as they headed to a shop [...]

How Victoria Beckham Was Made, Hated and Slated

I think I’m in deep girl-lust for Victoria Beckham, so much it actually hurts. She has everything anybody could ever ask for: the stupidly gorgeous footballer husband, the stupidly successful girl-band career, the stupidly slick fashion line, the money, the fame, the perfect family, so it seems no wonder she gets her fair share of [...]

Sealed with a smile

Katie Perry has signed legal documents with a smiley face after her divorce from comedian Russell Brand. The couple, who were married for a grand total of 14 months before announcing their split in December have reportedly reached a ‘comprehensive written settlement’. Katy’s positive attitude could be down to Brand, who, despite not signing a [...]

Why Do Celebrity Marriages Never Seem to Last?

It’s been a busy few months with all the break-ups of celebrity couples. Most recently it was Seal and Heidi Klum, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, and before that Katy Perry and Russell Brand (which I’m sure we all saw coming from the moment they got together). The list is endless. It almost seems to [...]

Ashton Kutcher Jets Back To Support Frail Demi

Though their marriage is in ruins, it appears Ashton Kutcher still cares for his ex despite everything that has gone on between them, as he rushes back to support his estranged wife.   The Two and a Half Men star has cut short his trip to Brazil to fly back to Los Angeles in order [...]

Demi Moore Hospitalised

Demi Moore was rushed to hospital in Los Angeles on Monday where she is said to be suffering from exhaustion.   Her rep released a statement saying: “Because of the stresses in her life right now, Demi has chosen to seek professional assistance to treat her exhaustion and improve her overall health. She looks forward [...]

Who’s Next?

It seems like there’s something uneasy going on in the world of celebrity at the moment, with one break up swiftly following another.   Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis are rumoured to have split, whilst Project Runway star Heidi Klum confirmed her break up with husband Seal. Yesterday it was the turn of N Dubz [...]

Heidi Klum & Seal To Divorce?

  The rumour mill is turning yet again, as another celebrity couple face divorce rumours.   According to reports that emerged yesterday, Heidi Klum is planning to file for divorce from husband and soul singer Seal, and it could be as soon as next week!   Sources have apparently told TMZ that the German-American super [...]

Who Will Play Elizabeth Taylor?

Less than a year after her death, a film focusing on the relationship between Elizabeth Taylor and her beloved Richard Burton is unsurprisingly in the pipeline.  She was a star from the moment a director laid eyes on her and we now realise why.  What a legacy she has left!   Hollywood snapped her up from [...]

The Men That Slipped The Net

My one is a guy I went out with when I was seventeen. Of course, all of you normal people who aren’t embroiled in the emotional turmoil of it all can turn and say to me, ‘But you were only a kid.’ I know that. But the two years we had together are still yet [...]

Khloe Kardashian Blasts Claims She Is Not A Kardashian

  The Kardashians have certainly been under fire of late, but this one takes the biscuit…   According to reports, two of Robert Kardashian’s ex-wives have come forward with allegations that the youngest Kardashian sister is not Robert’s biological daughter, claiming that Khloe is not a real Kardashian.   Earlier this week, Star Magazine ran [...]

Jennifer Aniston to help Demi Moore

Jennifer Aniston has taken it upon herself to help Demi Moore out of her depressive state which has become clearly identifiable by the star’s plummeting weight.  Aniston knows only too well the anguish and sense of humiliation Moore has been made to feel by her estranged husband.   When Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s relationship [...]

Is Age Really Just A Number?

This week the press are all over Caroline Flack and her One Direction toyboy Harry Styles; she is 32 and he is 17, but does this strikingly obvious age gap equal immediate problems, and should we all be reverting back to primary school maths to calculate a possible love mismatch?   When I first heard about Caroline and [...]