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Emma Watson’s Style

Emma Watson may have a hard haircut but her red carpet style is very soft and feminine.  It’s all about the fabrics and elegance and even though she is merely 21 years of age she knows how to pull it off well.   Some showbiz stars, old and young, have a wobbly start when it [...]

Rihanna Fashion Hits and Misses

When Rihanna decided to do a song entitled ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ it seems her fashion sense followed suit.  Life imitating art?   Perhaps it’s her desperation to reveal as much flesh as possible that has led to her style decline but at one time Rihanna’s style was fantastically unique, funky, and very stylish.  These [...]

Celebrity Bad Hair Days

Before the days of GHD straighteners and the numerous ceramic stylers that ensued there was about a 50/50 chance of a bad hair day.  Well for some of us anyway.  So you’d be forgiven for thinking that celebrities with money and stylists at their disposal would never leave the house looking, well, just wrong!  However, [...]

Emma Watson Can’t Get A Date

It seems that you really can’t have it all. She’s only just turned 21, is one of the stars of the massively successful Harry Potter franchise and has an estimated £24 million in the bank yet Emma Watson has no luck when it comes to love.   It appears that the young starlet gets just [...]

Glamour Woman of the Year Awards: Best Dressed

As you already know the Glamour ‘Woman of the Year’ awards took place last night and there were a variety of great and not so great outfits to be seen on the red carpet.   Kim Kardashian, winner of Entrepreneur of the Year, looked stunning showcasing her curves in a figure hugging lace gown, paired [...]

I Do! – Summer Wedding Outfits

Nearly two months on after the Royal Wedding, it would seem that tying the knot is still in vogue. With Lily Allen getting hitched to Sam Cooper this weekend and Kate Moss following her fashionable footsteps down the aisle three weeks later to wed Jamie Hince, the summertime is obviously still the favoured time of [...]

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s New Residence

Prince William and Kate Middleton, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, had earlier this year assumed they would make Princess Margaret’s previous home at Kensington Palace their home in the capital.  They were excited about the prospect because of it’s spacious airy layout.  However, it would now appear that they are to move into a different [...]

Renée Zellweger’s New Man

There are some celebrities you just want to see happy.  Learn that they’ve found a new man or woman, someone who is going to treat them right, someone for them to share their life with.  Off the top of your head you may think of Jennifer Aniston, Renée Zellweger, Eva Longoria, Halle Berry and Sandra [...]

Celebrity News Or Not?

As Cheryl Cole’s US career seems to be slipping away thoughts of what she will do next are on the mind.   One can’t help but wonder if Cheryl’s US sacking was on the cards before she was even offered the role.  Simon Cowell knows Miss Cole is the British nation’s sweetheart and by X [...]

The Lady In The Middle

In a climactic ending to the Super Injunction debate that has been dominating the headlines for the last few weeks, Ryan Giggs has officially been named and shamed as the professional footballer seeking to cover up his disreputable infidelity with former Big Brother contestant Immogen Thomas. Whilst the row continues in Parliament after Liberal Democrat [...]

Delta’s New Toy Boy!

It was only April that Delta Goodrem and fiancé of 7 years Brian McFadden decided to go their separate ways, but it seems the Aussie songstress hasn’t left much time for the grass to grow under her feet before jumping into a new relationship.   Yes, Delta,26, has bagged the ultimate toy boy in Nick [...]


So after all the Twitter, Facebook and God knows what, finally an MP has come out and said the name of the person at the fore front of the Super Injunction is non other than RYAN GIGGS. For years Ryan Giggs has had a whiter than white image, as a successful footballer who has represented [...]

Peter Andre Could Be Yours For A Fee

If you want to bag yourself a TV personality, lawyer, surgeon and maybe even Peter Andre then get thee signed up to dating agency Berkeley International, the singles agency that charges fees of £8,000 plus to help those flush with the cash find love… or at least a partner.   Peter Andre announced his split from [...]

Too Posh To Push!

It was announced this week that Victoria and David Beckham will be bringing their long-awaited baby girl into the world on American Independence Day, (4th July).   The date is apparently very significant to the couple as it will symbolize their four year anniversary living stateside. Parents don’t usually have the luxury of choosing the [...]

The Super Injunction rolls on…. and on…. and on…. and on

Its that time again where I get to my computer and write about the wild life of some certain celebrities, and whilst the topic has been written to death I feel it only right that I offer my insight into this face that is ‘The Super Injunction’. Firstly I want to talk about the title. [...]

TOWIE’S Chloe Sims’ Secret Agony

She may seem to be living the lifestyle of the rich and famous, spending her mornings getting her hair and nails done and meeting the girls for cocktails in the evenings, but behind the glitz and glamour of the reality star, hides a secret torment.   The Only Way Is Essex’s Chloe Sims has struggled [...]

Matthew Perry Goes To Rehab

Matthew Perry, best known as our beloved in Friends is once again entering rehab in his continuous bid to fight his addictions.  During the filming of the hit TV show Perry gained considerable weight at one point and this was actually due to his addiction to pain killers.   Perry is claimed to have said, [...]

Lea Michele: Nose Job? NO THANK YOU!

A recent episode of the hit show Glee, entitled Born This Way, depicted the characters struggling with, and overcoming their body issues. One of its biggest stars, Lea Michele, has spoken of the pressure she herself felt to get a nose job. Thankfully she refused and has since embraced her nose as something to be [...]

Top 10 Celebrities Ageing Gracefully

Growing old gracefully under the scrutiny of this critical world cannot be easy.  Whilst some of these celebrities may have had some sort of secret surgery they have refrained from altering their looks in an attempt to defy the aging process.  For this reason they have made it onto this list of Top 10 Celebrities [...]

Battle of the Bouffant

This week Cheryl Cole went head to head, both as judge and in style wars with 80s pop starlet Paula Abdul as the auditions began in the new American X-factor television show.   Cheryl appeared on her first day sporting a retro 80’s back-combed bouffant.   Cole’s locks didn’t look dissimilar to Paula’s hairstyle back [...]