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Katy Perry’s New Hair

Katy Perry has had many sleek and crazy hairstyles, whether wigs or natural hair.  In her recent fashion choices we have seen her become somewhat more sophisticated, favouring playful but more ladylike outfits over the quirky, overtly-childish looks.  Perhaps this is part of her post-marriage reinvention; we’ve all been there – overhauling our look to [...]

Frankie Sandford’s New Crop

Frankie Sandford of ‘The Saturdays’ has gone one step further with her usual short hair style and opted for an elfin inspired pixie crop, much like the one Victoria Beckham sported back in 2008.   The singer’s signature short hair with a sweeping fringe has been her trademark for a while now so she obviously [...]

Celebrity Long Hairstyles

Long hairstyles seem to be everywhere.  From new stars to established celebrities.  Straight, curly, fringe, side parting, wavy, ponytail… the list goes on.  The beauty of long hair is that it is so feminine and you can do so much with it.   Long hair also adds instant glamour to any outfit, well at least [...]

Celebrity Bad Hair Days

Before the days of GHD straighteners and the numerous ceramic stylers that ensued there was about a 50/50 chance of a bad hair day.  Well for some of us anyway.  So you’d be forgiven for thinking that celebrities with money and stylists at their disposal would never leave the house looking, well, just wrong!  However, [...]

Battle of the Bouffant

This week Cheryl Cole went head to head, both as judge and in style wars with 80s pop starlet Paula Abdul as the auditions began in the new American X-factor television show.   Cheryl appeared on her first day sporting a retro 80’s back-combed bouffant.   Cole’s locks didn’t look dissimilar to Paula’s hairstyle back [...]

Beyonce: Blonde Bombshell

Do celebrities ever stop messing with their hair? No, I don’t think so.   The latest celeb to go all out and change their hair colour is none other than Beyonce & wow, does she look good! The star has long rocked the long, sleek mahogany look, however, now she appears to have lightened in [...]