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Delta’s New Toy Boy!

It was only April that Delta Goodrem and fiancé of 7 years Brian McFadden decided to go their separate ways, but it seems the Aussie songstress hasn’t left much time for the grass to grow under her feet before jumping into a new relationship.   Yes, Delta,26, has bagged the ultimate toy boy in Nick [...]


So after all the Twitter, Facebook and God knows what, finally an MP has come out and said the name of the person at the fore front of the Super Injunction is non other than RYAN GIGGS. For years Ryan Giggs has had a whiter than white image, as a successful footballer who has represented [...]

Peter Andre Could Be Yours For A Fee

If you want to bag yourself a TV personality, lawyer, surgeon and maybe even Peter Andre then get thee signed up to dating agency Berkeley International, the singles agency that charges fees of £8,000 plus to help those flush with the cash find love… or at least a partner.   Peter Andre announced his split from [...]

Too Posh To Push!

It was announced this week that Victoria and David Beckham will be bringing their long-awaited baby girl into the world on American Independence Day, (4th July).   The date is apparently very significant to the couple as it will symbolize their four year anniversary living stateside. Parents don’t usually have the luxury of choosing the [...]

An Ode To The Olsens

Dear MK & Ashley,   Since you have entered the fashion stratosphere it has been hard to ignore your vision. For two such sweet and at times fragile looking young women you have demonstrated a strength and focus which will inevitably lead you to even greater success. Both The Row and Elizabeth&James are yielding phenomenal [...]

The Super Injunction rolls on…. and on…. and on…. and on

Its that time again where I get to my computer and write about the wild life of some certain celebrities, and whilst the topic has been written to death I feel it only right that I offer my insight into this face that is ‘The Super Injunction’. Firstly I want to talk about the title. [...]

TOWIE’S Chloe Sims’ Secret Agony

She may seem to be living the lifestyle of the rich and famous, spending her mornings getting her hair and nails done and meeting the girls for cocktails in the evenings, but behind the glitz and glamour of the reality star, hides a secret torment.   The Only Way Is Essex’s Chloe Sims has struggled [...]

Matthew Perry Goes To Rehab

Matthew Perry, best known as our beloved in Friends is once again entering rehab in his continuous bid to fight his addictions.  During the filming of the hit TV show Perry gained considerable weight at one point and this was actually due to his addiction to pain killers.   Perry is claimed to have said, [...]

Lea Michele: Nose Job? NO THANK YOU!

A recent episode of the hit show Glee, entitled Born This Way, depicted the characters struggling with, and overcoming their body issues. One of its biggest stars, Lea Michele, has spoken of the pressure she herself felt to get a nose job. Thankfully she refused and has since embraced her nose as something to be [...]

Top 10 Celebrities Ageing Gracefully

Growing old gracefully under the scrutiny of this critical world cannot be easy.  Whilst some of these celebrities may have had some sort of secret surgery they have refrained from altering their looks in an attempt to defy the aging process.  For this reason they have made it onto this list of Top 10 Celebrities [...]

Battle of the Bouffant

This week Cheryl Cole went head to head, both as judge and in style wars with 80s pop starlet Paula Abdul as the auditions began in the new American X-factor television show.   Cheryl appeared on her first day sporting a retro 80’s back-combed bouffant.   Cole’s locks didn’t look dissimilar to Paula’s hairstyle back [...]

Pregnant Celebrities 2011: Top 10 Beauties

10.  Laila Ali Daughter of legendary boxer Muhammed Ali and professional former boxer looking  voluptuous and radiant.                       9.  Kate Hudson Offspring of Goldie Hawn is about to have her own little baba. We wonder if she too  will follow her family into stardom.   [...]

Royal Wedding Fashion Hits and Misses

So the royal wedding is over and it is time to run commentary over the fashion hits and misses of the day.   It’s only right that we comment on the head of the family first.  Her majesty, bless her, looked so bright and cute in her yellow outfit.  Very appropriate for the season and [...]

The Not So ‘Desperate Housewives’ Receive A Pay Rise.

After months of uncertainty, fans of Desperate Housewives can breathe a sigh of relief as plans to shoot an eighth and ninth season have been confirmed.   After much backstage negotiations the four main stars; Felicity Huffman, Terri Hatcher, Marcia Cross and Eva Longoria are set to become the highest paid actresses on US television. [...]

Catherine Zeta Jones Is Diagnosed With Bipolar Disorder

Catherine Zeta Jones has been officially diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder following her husband Michael Douglas’ battle with throat cancer.   The actress checked herself into the pshychiatric clinic, Silver Hill  Hospital  in Connecticut last week, where she received five whole days of  treatment for Bipolar, her spokeswoman has confirmed.   Her condition, which has been [...]

Top 10 Non-Celebs: Beyond The Z List

You may not be a fan of Lindsay Lohan and though she acts like an idiot and seems to be unable to create any publicity out of talent, at least she actually was an actress as a child.  Yes her current attempts at stardom are contrived and pathetic but there was a real achievement that [...]

Is Mark and Lauren’s Essex engagement a scam?

Hurray! Our ultimate guilty pleasure is back on our screens in all its freshly tangoed and vajazzled glory! That’s right, The Only Way Is Essex is back for a second series and it’s set to be bursting at the seams with glitz and glamour. But is there something going on which is faker than Amy’s [...]

Miley Cyrus… the melt down that isn’t a melt down!!!

Today national tabloid ‘The Sun’ have released a picture that Miley Cyrus has taken, it is of herself in some underwear and sat on a directors chair. With this picture came an article suggesting that she is spiralling out of control. Well I have a huge revelation for ‘The Sun’ and for everyone else… she [...]

P!nk Jokes About Aguilera Arrest

Twitter has once again given a celeb the opportunity to rant about another celeb. This time, the songstress on the fighting end is P!nk and she’s managed to kill two birds with one stone in less than 140 characters! Yes, the feisty “Stupid girls” singer has tweeted an insult to both Christina Aguilera and Britney [...]

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens back together?

The news of Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens’ recent break up definitely put a smile back on the faces of Efron fans across the globe. Yet, new reports that the Charlie Saint Cloud star has made a number of phone calls to Hudgens in an attempt to relight the flame, could mean Zac’s time on [...]