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Katie Price…. I was right!

Last year I wrote some words about my loathing for Katie Price, and how I felt she sold her life to the highest bidder. I spoke about her wedding being just a publicity stunt and how it would be over within a year. I also offered to write a kind article about her should I [...]

Taylor Swift “hurt” by Jake Gyllenhaal break up

Taylor Swift is said to be devastated after her break up with boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal. The 21 year old country pop singer had been dating the Broke Back Mountain star from October to December before it came to an end at Christmas.   Despite the age gap of 10 years, the pair seemed loved up [...]

The Beckham’s Expecting Fourth Baby!

It has been confirmed straight from the horses mouth – Victoria & David Beckham are expecting their fourth child. David announced the exciting news on his Facebook page this Sunday, he said:  ”I’ve got some great news to tell you all. Victoria and I are expecting our fourth child this summer. The boys are very [...]

Madonna’s Latest Toy Boy Talks

Madonna’s new man Brahim Zaibat has described the Queen of Pop as “just a woman like all the others”. The 24-year-old spoke out for the first time in a revealing interview and said the affair had made him suspicious of old friends, and caused him to change his mobile number. Zaibat is a devout Muslim and [...]

The Selfish World: Naomi Campell

“I want to get this over and done with…. This is a big inconvenience for me” Naomi Campbell has had a modelling career like no other, at age 15 she was spotted window shopping by the head of Synchro Modelling Agency. And from there went on to become the most famous model ever, her early [...]

Katie Price: Money First, Love Second

Wouldn’t it be great if for one week Katie Price didn’t make a single newspaper, or magazine, or any other form of media, wouldn’t it be the best week if we could keep her out of the press for a whole week, a part of me thinks it’s impossible, because that would mean she would [...]

Celebrities Give Their Dating Advice, For Better or Worse

Let’s face it, Hollywood isn’t exactly known for its long-lasting love affairs.  But we managed to find a few celebrities who seem know the secret to making a relationship work for the long-term. 

Dating Basics

So you’re single… where do you start?  How are you going to cope with putting yourself ‘out-there’? Well don’t worry, here’s a few points for guys and girls who are single and looking for a step in the right direction.  Check these Hot tips out now: