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The Unlikeliest Couple in Hollywood?

Just casually browsing the internet’s bright and shiny gossip pages (when I should be doing more important things, mind) when I came across a piece about Cameron Diaz dating Jason Segel (you would know him from How I Met Your Mother, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, other American comedy things…). What? Hey?! I was completely shocked! She’s a [...]

James Franco…GAY?!

‘Interior. Leather Bar’ is one of many entries into this year’s Sundance Film Festival. It is a re-imagining of a lost scene from the controversial 1980′s film ‘Cruising’ which delves deep into the gay underworld of leather bars and S&M. ‘Interior. Leather Bar’ is an exploration of sexual freedom and follows a man who finds [...]

Heidi Klum & Seal To Divorce?

  The rumour mill is turning yet again, as another celebrity couple face divorce rumours.   According to reports that emerged yesterday, Heidi Klum is planning to file for divorce from husband and soul singer Seal, and it could be as soon as next week!   Sources have apparently told TMZ that the German-American super [...]