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Who knew shoulders could be so sexy?

We’re used to seeing legs and cleavage.  With the creation of wow bras, maximisation bras and the make- your- breasts-  look-two- sizes- bigger bras, it isn’t a surprise that the assets women show in order to impress are those we probably shouldn’t be showing. But things are soon changing. Off the shoulder styles have made [...]

Top 10 Best Lustrous Lip Glosses

Makeup is an essential for some and choosing the right cosmetic item is just as critical. Lips are the defining pivotal finish to your makeup enhancements. Thus, it’s important to know what colors and brands are best suited for your individual needs. Here you will find the top 10 best selling lip glosses with impressive [...]

Spring 2013 Trend report

To those of us in the Southern hemisphere warm weather may seem like a distant dream. But fashion is ever looking ahead, and it’s never too early to be informing yourself about the looks that will influence Spring/Summer 2013, especially where key investment pieces are concerned. And so, without further ado, I bring you a [...]

Reinvent, Recreate, Re-Inspire at Liverpool Fashion Week

London may have had Alexa Chung gracing the frows and Paris may have been a sea of Chanel dresses and glittering diamonds, but this week’s seven days of dedicated fashion is all about that little city known as Liverpool, and who needs glamour at a costly price tag when you can have elegance at no [...]

Bon Anniversaire Coco Chanel

I grew up around women who had a ‘lost in time’ approach to makeup, and as a result of dipping into their makeup bags, my first experiments into beauty were not remotely age appropriate, or decade fitting for that matter. There’s something about a prepubescent caked in 70s Biba foundation that doesn’t quite work, disturbing [...]

Union Jacked

So apparently, this year, it’s all about being British. And it’s not just the retired royal-lovers and school children who were celebrating the Queen’s diamond reign last weekend, but also fashion!   Yes, bye-bye decade-themed trends, bye-bye denim, bye-bye florals, this spring/summer, there is something a lot closer to home… get it?   Okay, so [...]

Dare You Wear A Flatform?

Is it a wedge? Is it a flat? Could be a pair of heels? No, it’s a flatform! Nestled among the loafers and Sperry’s lurks a new breed of shoe. If you thought this season’s neon’s and Aztec prints were as far out as fashion could get, then brace yourself for the ‘flatform’. Here is [...]

The Ultimate Faux Pas

Much like a bad dream, this next trend just keeps on recurring. Once a style penned by dancing dads, or those cool enough to be deemed alternative, paired with Doc Martens or, as you may more commonly recognise them; afoot a tourist. Yes, those encumbering Big Ben glarer’s with their 800mm camera lens and the [...]

Debut Collection for Lagerfeld

  Karl Lagerfeld is to showcase his debut collection for his new, more reasonably priced line ‘Karl’ today.   The collection will launch later this afternoon on NET-A-PORTER.COM and comprise of 100 pieces with prices starting at just £50, including detachable colours and fingerless gloves.   “We are thrilled and proud to be the exclusive partner [...]

Imani Studio To Launch Second Store in London

  After the recent infusion of East Asian fashion on the catwalks, with the likes of kimonos and obi belts, it was becoming predictable that influences from South Asia would soon be on the horizon.  It has now been about eight years since the last time we saw traditional Indian/Pakistani fashion being integrated within western [...]

Chanel’s Not So Tasteful Tweet

Profoundly known for their influential fashion, fragrances, cosmetics and skincare ranging across men and women,  Chanel sparked controversy across the social networking giant, Twitter, as they took to the website to post a not so tasteful tweet.   Recently tweeting ‘eating isn’t very Chanel..’, many followers were bewildered by the statement, as it appears to [...]

All For One

The fashion forecast continues to reign over the onesie – and the wide legged version emerges. Heralding itself as the latest, freshest family member to the flirty playsuit and the inspired remake of the classic jumpsuit, this latest imitation is an impressive mix of the seventies palazzo pant trend and unmistakable eighties exuberance.  New collection [...]

Imani Studio

When we think of high fashion names such as Oscar De La Renta, Chanel, Diane Von Furstenburg and Versace come to mind.  This is not necessarily the case when you are a celebrity.  For celebrities who want to seek out something a little bit different, be it for a red carpet event or their wedding [...]

Man!.. I Feel Like a Woman

This season sees the revival of androgynous fashion and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t intrigued… It’s all about dressing to impress this autumn so spare no expense and work this cutting edge trend to the max!   There are many different avenues to choose from to make the androgynous look your own, [...]

Tattoo Ardor

Tattoos no longer affiliate the bearer with criminal antics, the Navy, gangs or prostitution in today’s culture. People of all backgrounds and ages (above the age of 18, mind you) are tattooing their memories, passions, desires and personal mantras for an eternal keepsake.   Internationally successful  catwalk models Freja Beha Erichsen (who graces Vogue’s September [...]

Boot Camp

I think it is near about the time I put away my collection of sandals, even the ones I have not had a chance to wear yet! As much as this pains me, a little smile still manages to spread across my face, well, at least I can start looking towards purchasing some new autumn/winter [...]

Jerome Dreyfuss’ Handbags

Jerome Dreyfuss’s bag collection is famed for its boldness, quirky elegance and humour. He creates his collections of clothes and accessories from leather and reptile skin, where he pays close attention to detail. He was a mere twenty-three years old when in 1998 he unveiled his first collection of ‘couture a porter’- couture to wear. [...]

Status: Off

Why is it that when you are not interested in dating, men suddenly turn up out of thin air?   It is one of the biggest mysteries of the universe, I am certain Professor Brian Cox would agree with me. As soon as you stop looking at the potential in clubs, bars or wherever your [...]

Bonjour Paris Fashion Week

I will be honest, for reasons involving a snowboard and a lot of gluwhein (is that how you spell it?) I may have totally missed Milan Fashion Week, so shall we simply brush over it until I am in the right frame of mind to backtrack through a billion blogs and simply move with the [...]

12 Reasons We Deserve a Chanel or Mulberry…

1) We smile sweetly at whoever asks, “Why are you still single?” rather than headbutting them into hell! 2) We tolerate the strange and unusual when travelling on public transport 3) We tolerate the strange and unusual men! Pah! 4) We never got sucked into the so-called trend of gold shiny leggings and we don’t [...]