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Merry Christmas from The ‘Kartrashians’

Despite the Kardashian name now being one of the most recognisable in showbiz, I would be lying if I said I was a fan. Having watched the Kardashian family grow and adapt my love for these once, quite normal, comical family has since disintegrated. Instead, I’m a firm believer that if offered enough money they [...]

The Party Season Countdown!

It’s mid-September. The last quarter of the year is almost upon us. October, November, December – my three favourite months for various reasons, including Christmas cheer, cosy hot drinks and of course, it’s party season. I’ve already seen signs popping up outside restaurants around the Square Mile and online ads and emails have been flying [...]

Christmas Present Politics

I’ve always been one of those people that panic buys at Christmas; I fall hook line and sinker for the 3 for 2 deals and bulk buying aromatherapy candles for every woman I know but I’ve realised I need to face my panic buying problem. If I can’t afford it I don’t buy it and [...]

Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel Engaged!

Love is most definitely in the air right now as yet another celebrity couple look set to tie the knot, this time it’s the two mega stars that are Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel! Anyone else feeling a little jealous right now? It was only a matter of days ago that I wrote about the [...]


It’s that time again, where we separate from our cash in exchange for gifts for loved ones. Year after year, almost like tradition, shopping becomes a mayhem days before Christmas day. But is it me or is everyone riveting on about what they want their girlfriend or boyfriend to get them this Xmas? Now I [...]

Party Dresses For The Party Season

In the run up to Christmas, we look at the huge choice of party dresses available in the shops and pick the 8 we love.

Top 5 Christmas Holiday Destinations

For those considering a very Christmassy Christmas abroad, here are the top five holiday destinations for a traditional, heart-warming Christmas that everyone can enjoy.