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Does Size Matter?

No, not in THAT way. I’m talking about how, when you go shopping, it can sometimes feel as though finding the right size jacket, trousers or dress can seem more like a mission impossible. All we’re asking is to be able to find clothes that fit, look good and come within budget, yet I seem [...]

Top 5 Fashion Investments

These are must have items you needed in your wardrobe. Serving as timeless treasures that can go with everything, here are the top five fashion investments that never go out of style.   1)    Little Black Dress Immortalised forever by icon Audrey Hepburn, the LBD has been used and recreated by an endless list of [...]

Cheryl To Auction Off Outfits

When going through a personal change there is nothing better than having a spring clean and emptying out your wardrobe. Celebrities are no different and it has just been announced that Cheryl Cole will be auctioning off 20 of her most famous outfits with all the proceeds going to charity.   The charity in question [...]