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Ready for Spring: 5 wishlish items

1. Every girl needs an everyday handbag, and this beauty from Class International is so versatile. Inspired by the iconic and timeless style of Audrey Hepburn, this classic handbag in a navy hue will be a perfect accessory for spring, summer even winter! 2. For me, spring is all about experimenting with colours and patterns, and this [...]

Autumn/Winter Trend Alert

Winter warmers… in September? I know what your thinking, I feel your pain! Believe me, I wish it wasn’t this time of year already but with our unfortunate summer (or lack of) and the weather set to fall even further down hill, it’s about time we think about our winter wardrobe!   With rain, storms [...]

Primark To Set Up Shop In Selfridges

Primark, or ‘Pri-marni’ as known by most is set to open up a 1,000 sq ft concession in two Selfridge stores in both Manchester and Birmingham. The idea – to attract bargain-hunting shoppers to Selfridges, the high end department store.   The deal will see Primark selling a collection of clothing in Selfridge stores in [...]

The Good, The Bad And The Truth?

The good thing about being in a heterosexual relationship, and to be honest finding the virtues is sometimes like clutching at straws, is that men will always be honest about what you look like, in particular what you choose to wear – sometimes to a fault. An enormous, confidence-bashing fault. Female friends, on the other hand, [...]

The Jeans I’ll Keep Forever

I like to think that everyone has one item in their wardrobe that they refuse to throw out. Think about it. It could be a soft and cuddly jumper that went out of style almost a decade ago, but it’s warm enough to make an appearance every winter. A t-shirt that has faded so far [...]

Chanel’s Paris Fashion Week Showdown

Chanel has always been the epitome of chic.  It’s no surprise then that the French label’s theatrical show at the Grand Palais during Paris Fashion Week was said to be the highlight of the event.  The Parisian label didn’t merely produce a catwalk show, it created a theatrical performance.  Putting aside Karl Lagerfeld directing an [...]