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3 Words That Will Ruin Your Relationship

We’ve said them. You’ve said them. Everybody has said (out loud or in our minds) these three very innocent words whose combined meaning packs a mean punch that can knock everything that’s sweet and wonderful right out of a relationship. In fact, these three average and ordinary words can even make it impossible for someone who [...]

How to End an Argument Without Losing Self-Respect

It’s a stand-off. You know those times when you and your love can’t seem to agree?  You’re stuck and it feels like the only way to resolve the conflict is for you to “give in” and let your partner have his or her way. It can seem like your only “choice” is to compromise what’s [...]

Get Your Date Back On Track After a Foot-in-Mouth Moment

“You said WHAT?!”  When Jessica recounted what happened on her date last night, her friend was shocked. Jessica can’t even believe that she would say something that catty about another woman…but she did and she made the comment to a really great guy who she’s only been out with a couple of times.  It turns [...]

The Don’ts and Do’s of Ending an Argument

You and your special someone are out together enjoying good food or a concert. Sounds blissful, right? Not so much if an arguments breaks out between the two of you. A date can quickly be ruined when one of you unintentionally offends the other one or you disagree about an important issue. If the conflict isn’t [...]

The Silent Argument

Your boyfriend’s pissed you off? Did he do something totally inappropriate that he should’ve known wasn’t ok, but he done it anyway? Like tell you that your new hairstyle makes you look like Ringo Starr? Or did he stare blatantly down your gran’s Christmas jumper for a good long horror-filled (on your part) minute? He didn’t [...]

Is Communication Overload Ruining Our Relationships?

Isn’t it remarkable that I can Skype my parents who are 12,000 miles away and living ten hours in the past, and yet I am incapable of communicating even the simplest of things to my boyfriend? Last week for example, I was tired and hormonal and in general on the warpath, so I picked a [...]