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Simon and Dannii’s Hidden Romance Revealed… OOH-AHHHH

Outside it’s dark, it’s dingy, the heatwave has tumbled away, huffing and puffing, tail between its legs and well, everything is just a little bit bland. The passing traffic looks exhausted and the birds can’t even be arsed to chirp anymore. What we need is some excitement. And, like in every other situation, what we [...]

Dannii Minogue Quits The X-Factor!

So not only have we lost Cheryl and Simon, we have also learnt that Dannii will no longer be a judge on the hit ITV show.   Speaking on her Twitter page today: ‘During discussions for me to return [to The X-Factor] it became clear that unfortunately, this year, the X Factor audition dates in [...]

Why We Love….. Dannii Minogue

When you think Dannii Minogue you used to think Kylie but that, however, is not true anymore as over the past few years Miss Danni Minogue has really come into her own especially with the fashion world. While entering the nation’s hearts through the world of television, adverts and the notorious show that is X [...]