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Keeping Warm in Winter

  It’s that time of year again! Though Official British Summer Time hasn’t ended, actual British Summer Time ended some time around mid-August. Many mourn the end of summer and the various perks that go with it, such as lounging around in parks with picnics, pretty summer dresses getting a dust off from last year and [...]

Cameron Diaz And P Diddy, Dating?

Really!? This is just a rumour (yet!) but it quite possibly could be true… imagine Cameron Diaz and Diddy himself, dating. Weird.   The rumours have been flying around since the beautiful blonde, Cameron Diaz was spotted on a string of dinner dates with the very famous rapper P Diddy (or Sean Combs by his [...]

He’s Just Not That Into You – 10 Ways To Tell

It’s a major question on every girls lips at the start of a new relationship (well maybe not even a relationship yet, hopefully just a date!) What is he thinking? Does he like spending time with me? Is this official? Does he LIKE me?? And much like us girls, guys aren’t exactly easy to read [...]

Top 10 Attributes: What Men Want

Women spend hours talking about men, second guessing their behaviours and over analysing every facet of their beings. Some say that men are simple creatures and it’s the women who complicate matters, whilst others believe that men are more complex than we once thought.   So what do men really want? Unplug the telephone, pour [...]

A NOT SO BRIEF ENCOUNTER: Top 10 First Date Tips

TOP 10 FIRST DATE TIPS FOR WOMEN Your eyes met, your smiles matched and numbers were exchanged with hope and excitement. However, whilst you thought your first date consisted of flowing drinks and scintillating conversation, you never heard from him again. So what went wrong? Read on to discover the magic beans that turn 1 [...]