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Personal Space

In a relationship you can sometimes get comfortable to the point where you put in less effort with each other as well as yourself.   Being around each other too much can mean that you take each other for granted and can often try less hard with one another. This could result in a lack [...]

Mr Sweet Talker – Top 5 Signs

The dictionary defines ‘sweet talk’ as pleasing words that are used to persuade another person It is always the sweet words that capture our hearts, keeps them in our thoughts and makes us want them even more. A sweet talker and his words can talk his way out of any situation and make you believe [...]

V-DAY Vouch

I gave myself an aim for this year. If I was still single on Valentines 2011 I would restrain from running around like a crazy woman and cease to feel jealous whenever I seen roses or couples adoring each other. I would not try to kidnap every flower delivery person in the North-West or try [...]

Fatal Attraction

It’s a lamb to the wolves, a moth to a light bulb, Pandora to her box. As women we are sometimes attracted to the forbidden, what seems out of reach and the ultimate challenge. It’s the bad boy whose ways you think you can change, the flirt you believe you can tame or the lazy spud you [...]