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Who’s Your Favourite Celebrity Couple Right Now?

When it comes to celebville, two celebrities joining forces brings the ultimate power, two big stars make for one huge star status.  Some come and go, others seem to make it through… well, at lest more than a year, which is pretty good going for them.  Some celebrity couples are just so cringe-worthy that they’ve [...]

How Victoria Beckham Was Made, Hated and Slated

I think I’m in deep girl-lust for Victoria Beckham, so much it actually hurts. She has everything anybody could ever ask for: the stupidly gorgeous footballer husband, the stupidly successful girl-band career, the stupidly slick fashion line, the money, the fame, the perfect family, so it seems no wonder she gets her fair share of [...]

Golden Balls To Silver Screen

David Beckham could soon be making a substitution off the football pitch and onto the cinema screens.   One of Becks’ closest friends Tom Cruise revealved at Tuesday night’s UK premiere of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol that he is keen to get the LA Galaxy star the perfect role to kick start his acting career. [...]

Injury puts Posh on her back

Victoria Beckham has it all.   A former Spice Girl and married to one of the world’s most famous footballers. She has four beautiful children, homes in LA and England and is a global brand in the fashion industry.   Yes she seems to have it all.   She is one of those celebrities that [...]

Victoria Beckham Gives Birth to a Baby Girl… Harper Seven Beckham

Victoria Beckham gave birth to a healthy baby girl yesterday morning, it has been confirmed. The baby girl was born at 7:55 am and weighed a healthy 7lbs 10oz. David Beckham took to Facebook to make the offical announcemnt: ‘I am so proud and excited to announce the birth of our daughter Harper Seven Beckham. She [...]

Too Posh To Push!

It was announced this week that Victoria and David Beckham will be bringing their long-awaited baby girl into the world on American Independence Day, (4th July).   The date is apparently very significant to the couple as it will symbolize their four year anniversary living stateside. Parents don’t usually have the luxury of choosing the [...]

Royal Wedding Fashion Hits and Misses

So the royal wedding is over and it is time to run commentary over the fashion hits and misses of the day.   It’s only right that we comment on the head of the family first.  Her majesty, bless her, looked so bright and cute in her yellow outfit.  Very appropriate for the season and [...]