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The Ultimate Faux Pas

Much like a bad dream, this next trend just keeps on recurring. Once a style penned by dancing dads, or those cool enough to be deemed alternative, paired with Doc Martens or, as you may more commonly recognise them; afoot a tourist. Yes, those encumbering Big Ben glarer’s with their 800mm camera lens and the [...]

The New Dior Show

In what could be seen as the most unstylish move of last year, designer John Galliano was removed from his position as chief designer at Christian Dior following his conviction over making racial comments in a Paris bar, which became the subject of tabloid and media gossip. The subsequent presentation show at Paris Fashion Week [...]

Nails 2011

There was once a time when I used to bite my nails right down, until nothing was left except tiny stumps! Such a bad habit but thankfully I eventually grew out of it, thank the Lord!   These days I am obsessed with keeping my nails healthy, filed neatly in a square shape and decorated [...]

Galliano’s Fashion Burial

I was disappointed to find that Galliano was guilty of racist slurs. The individual I had once admired for his bold catwalk displays and impact on fashion had tainted his image. No longer famed for his work on Dior but more for his racial outbursts, he represented what was negative about fashion. Fashion itself already [...]

John Galliano Sacked For Racist Rant

John Galliano, the head designer at Christian Dior since 1997 was yesterday suspended from the major fashion house for his apparent recent anti-semitic remarks.  Born to a British father and an Andalusian mother, Galliano is said to have taken to a drunken rant in which he is claimed to have said that he loves Hitler, amongst [...]

Express Yourself

“My role is to seduce”, said Juan Carlos Antonio Galliano Guillen (John Galliano of Christian Dior) His designs are a symbol of theatre, expression and femininity, representing the move away from the traditional forms of prêt-a-porter towards haute couture. To begin the paragraph with his quote is a reminder of how fashion itself is a [...]

Summer Colours

There is nothing nicer than the colour white in the summertime.  The way it reflects the sunlight, the elegance of the colour, the coolness in the hot sun.  Bright colours (white included) reflect on your skin too which gives your complexion a vibrant and fresh look without make up. Well, lucky for us, the shops [...]