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Sued for being ugly, do looks really matter?

Has the world actually gone mad?   When I read the story about a man suing his ex-wife for being ugly I had to delve deeper. Basically after having a daughter with his wife, Jian Feng accused his wife of cheating, as the child was so ugly it didn’t look like them. After all the [...]

Wedding Branding

Ever since I got engaged about a month ago I’ve been looking at ideas on Pinterest and planning what I would like but some of the stuff I’ve found has actually scared me! It’s all well and good planning a wedding and getting caught up in the excitement of it, yet when I found what [...]

Spotted: Removal Van Outside Of Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore’s Home

A removal van has been reportedly seen parked outside of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore’s home in Santa Monica, California, suggesting their relationship has taken a turn for the worst. Ashton Kutcher was left feeling utterly ashamed when Sara Leal informed the press that she and Kutcher had slept together on his and Demi’s sixth [...]

Me, Myself and Him

Anyone who has read my author bio on the site will know that I’ve managed to fit quite a lot of life into my short 28 years. Without wanting to put too finer point on the negatives, there have been a fair few low moments for one so young and inexperienced, however, my love of [...]

THE SINGLE BED: Human Mirrors

Judgement is a divorced woman’s worst fear (well above plane crashes,) and it has the ability to bring her crashing down to earth with greater speed than any engine…it also leaves her in far more pieces.

Relationship Heroes – Better or Worse

I have been thinking about celebrity couples, and how the only positive thing I can say about their relationships is that sometimes they maintain a dignified silence when their partners cheat, else they always maintain a dignified silence and we never know about the bad times in the first place. If anyone has every read [...]

Just another “failed” romance!!!

I hate the phrase ‘failed romance.’ It’s so very negative and immediately makes me think of the dreaded below par results at school. Nowadays I’m not sure it is possible to fail academically, but when it comes to love and romance we’re doing it more than ever. Or are we? Do some relationships not just [...]

Forever Friends?

Is it simply refusing to let go or is remaining friends with the ex the height of maturity? Does it secretly mean one or both of you are hoping to rekindle the romance? Or possibly just keeping a one timelover on the back burner for the inevitable sex drought ahead? Or am I just a [...]