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Up & Coming Designer Alert!

This weeks’ fashionista is the fabulous Ceri Jones of Ceri Jones Eco Design.  Finalist in the Center of Sustainable Fashion’s “Unique” Award in 2011 & here at LoveScene we get to know the rising star that little bit better before anyone else!  Don’t say we’re not good to you!!   About The Designer(s) Name: Ceri [...]

Eco Fashion

Fashion is a special entity that can be transformed in many ways. Worn in different ways by all, fashion is something that overtakes everyone whether they realise it or not.  Fashion can be anything from cheap, expensive, global and breathtaking, to horrible, risky, comfortable and fearless but mainly we can all agree that fashion is [...]

Ethical Fashion and Me

I am going to be honest here; I was a fast fashion addict. Actually scrap that I am a fast fashion addict, but one that’s currently in the throes of going cold turkey. After a series of incidents which left me feeling like the universe was shaking its fist at me, I came to realise [...]