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The Revelation

As you darling readers may know, I had a break up recently. Well two months ago, which for some of you is a millennia, for some is almost like the blink of an eye. For me it’s still very very recent and really quite raw. He left to work on cruise ships for six months [...]

To Spit Or To Swallow Your Emotions?

Relationships. We spend so much time thinking and talking about them. Initially, we question if it will happen and when it does, where will it go? Will it be what I want? Reality sets in once the hormones wear off, and we consider whether to make or break.   When they end, inevitably someone gets [...]

Is The Past In The Present?

A friend of mine has been in a relationship with the same person for nearly three years. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been a consistent relationship. Perhaps I should revise that sentence to: a friend of mine has been in love with the same person for nearly three years. The reason for the revision of that sentence [...]

Opening The Ex-File

There’s a saying that states an ex is an ex for a reason, but on reflection is it a good enough reason to keep you away if time has passed?   I’m certainly not advocating serious reasons where they is no trust due to cheating, and you get back with that same person that turned [...]

Keeping Your Foot in the Romantic Door

After a break-up there are typically some leftover feelings and questions that you can’t help but try and answer: Is this for the best? Can I really live without him? Did we do the right thing in breaking up? They’re natural queries that everyone experiences. Breaking up with someone can sometimes be a life-changing event [...]

The Men That Slipped The Net

My one is a guy I went out with when I was seventeen. Of course, all of you normal people who aren’t embroiled in the emotional turmoil of it all can turn and say to me, ‘But you were only a kid.’ I know that. But the two years we had together are still yet [...]

I Can Still See You…

When you live away from “home” visits back can be fraught with danger: will your friends notice the weight you have put on?  Will everyone have gone on to dazzling heights in their careers? Will pets and peoples’ babies remember who you are?  But surely the WORST thing about going back home is the high [...]

Ex-pensive Break Overs: The real cost of being dumped

Crying over your meal for one, watching Pretty Woman on repeat, and listening to Leona Lewis’s ‘Bleeding Love’ until your ears may actually bleed; we’ve all been there when it comes to dealing with a break up. However, the emotional cost isn’t the darkest phase that women should fear, as a new study reveals that [...]

In Her Shoes

It is probably easier said than done to, “get over it” or to “not think about it too much”. When it is a friend who is going through a bad break up or who has a few guy issues, we often wave it away, forgetting how hard it was when we were in a similar [...]

The Dating Duck & Roll

As I sit here, deadline looming, pondering over what to write, I mull over the events of the week and it becomes increasingly clear to me that almost every woman I know has got one.   That awful school photograph with the dodgy haircut and equally dodgy teeth that your mother refuses to throw away. [...]

All or Nothing?

One of the hardest things about breaking up is that not only are you losing a partner, but you’re also losing a friend.  A tough decision to make is whether to completely cut ties with this person or to try and remain friends. I’ve always been told that attempting to be friends with an ex [...]

‘I love You’……’ARRGGGHHHH!’

What are you supposed to do when someone tells you they love you? No really, I’m asking. Wait a second though, what are you supposed to do when someone tells you they love you and you barely even know them? Exactly.   I go out a lot, I’m a student, it’s expected of you. I [...]

Share And Share Alike?

Watching an episode of 90210 left me feeling rather uneasy. Silver and Navid finally gave into their lust for one another and kissed. However, Navid is in a relationship with Adrianna, Silver’s best friend. It left me thinking would all best friends dare to go there, would they fall for your boyfriend and if so [...]

THE SINGLE BED: When ‘no’ means ‘no more.’

I recently had a call from, let’s just say, a male suitor who I used to spend time with. I was thrilled to hear from him, it was like winning lotto – the ‘which lady does he want to spend his Saturday night with lotto.’ I am proud to say that it had been some [...]

Lessons Learnt

I have always wanted a boyfriend but have often been single. My earliest daydreams include having someone to hold my hand, play happy families with and be the grateful recipient of hugs. When I am single I can’t walk through Marks and Spencer’s men’s section without my heart breaking. I have had boyfriends that have [...]


I don’t want to brag, but I would be the perfect girlfriend; for you see I have completely lost my voice. And in my experience most blokes are ideally looking for a silent partner… not that my Australian twang has not entranced numerous men over the years. I haven’t been able to talk for four [...]

The Ex

Seriously why don’t they just disappear, self combust or at least have the decency to move? Was it SATC’s Carrie who thought there should be an ‘island of ex boyfriends’? Now there is a humane course of action to wholeheartedly support. Note to self, ring Branson he must have somewhere to spare. This may not [...]

Just another “failed” romance!!!

I hate the phrase ‘failed romance.’ It’s so very negative and immediately makes me think of the dreaded below par results at school. Nowadays I’m not sure it is possible to fail academically, but when it comes to love and romance we’re doing it more than ever. Or are we? Do some relationships not just [...]

Forever Friends?

Is it simply refusing to let go or is remaining friends with the ex the height of maturity? Does it secretly mean one or both of you are hoping to rekindle the romance? Or possibly just keeping a one timelover on the back burner for the inevitable sex drought ahead? Or am I just a [...]

The first cut is the deepest?

They say, well Rod Stewart does in the Cat Stevens song I love, that “the first cut is the deepest.” They, well Rod, are of course talking about love and the pain such magic brings when it all comes crashing down around our ears, leaving our hopes in tatters and our hearts torn – sometimes [...]