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Alternative Fashion Week 2012 – Round Up

  April 16th-21st was an exciting time for upcoming fashion designers from all around the world. Held at Spitalfields Traders Market in East London, my sister was lucky enough to be able to attend on the final day of this fantastic event, and witness the various fashion shows on offer.   For those of you [...]

Ford Focus

Rumours among the fashion mill speculate that Tom Ford may be the next designer to collaborate with H&M.   When asked about teaming up with the designer, Margareta Van Den Bosch, creative director for the high street chain said Ford was an “interesting name” and added that “she wouldn’t mind” when asked about the partnership. [...]

Celebrity Clothing Lines, Are They Worth The Hype?

These days it seems that celebs want a hand in everything possible– whether that be music careers, acting, fragrance deals or the more popular arena; clothes designing. If offered it, most celebrities jump in feet first.   The list of stars who have attempted to launch their own clothing lines is endless (take Madonna, Justin [...]

Polka Dots or Parkas?

It is once again that time of year when we start debating what key pieces to invest in for the Autumn/Winter season. Polka dots first became popular on garments in the late nineteenth century and have been re-appearing on catwalks worldwide ever since. This coming season you can expect to see the polka dot reinvented [...]

Fashion For Freedom

The fashion industry is one which is often associated with excess, wealth and glamour. Our obsession and need for the latest trends generates billions of pounds every year and countless magazines, television shows and news headlines give the spotlight to new designers, models and industry executives.   Whilst saving our money and hoping that we [...]

Fashioning the Future

Setting trends to define generations and creating icons that will be celebrated and placed on pedestals for years to come, fashion is so much more than which pair of Kurt Geiger shoes compliments the dress of the season and establishing the latest hemlines. The fashion world may never be the leading news headlines or top [...]

Jerome Dreyfuss’ Handbags

Jerome Dreyfuss’s bag collection is famed for its boldness, quirky elegance and humour. He creates his collections of clothes and accessories from leather and reptile skin, where he pays close attention to detail. He was a mere twenty-three years old when in 1998 he unveiled his first collection of ‘couture a porter’- couture to wear. [...]

Graduate Fashion Week

From the 5th to the 8th June, London’s Earls Court will be thriving with enthusiasm and anticipation. Eager sponsors and fashion experts will be filling their seats in the buzzing arenas, sure to be on the front row of all the action, as nervously excited students are backstage dressing their models and making the final [...]

Galliano’s Fashion Burial

I was disappointed to find that Galliano was guilty of racist slurs. The individual I had once admired for his bold catwalk displays and impact on fashion had tainted his image. No longer famed for his work on Dior but more for his racial outbursts, he represented what was negative about fashion. Fashion itself already [...]

London Calling

After the fabulousness of NYFW it was time to toss off the oversized sunglasses and don our geek chic specs to welcome back London Fashion Week. Britain may not be the most favoured country in the world right now (the Eurovision song contest is my barometer and it ain’t good) but you can never detract [...]

Express Yourself

“My role is to seduce”, said Juan Carlos Antonio Galliano Guillen (John Galliano of Christian Dior) His designs are a symbol of theatre, expression and femininity, representing the move away from the traditional forms of prêt-a-porter towards haute couture. To begin the paragraph with his quote is a reminder of how fashion itself is a [...]