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A User’s Manual To Fashion No No’s

Disclaimer: this fashion article is, in some respects, an anti-fashion article. I’m going to be talking about the clothing I personally find less than desirable. And you may disagree, but in the midst of all the Jubilee debauchery of who wore what and who, and the ever so vital debate about whether or not Kate [...]

Giuliana Rancic Fashion Hits

News that Giuliana Rancic is to have a double mastectomy following her breast cancer discovery is sad but also uplifting.  The fact that the star is going to give herself the best chance of fighting this condition is positive in itself.   In keeping with Rancic’s own optimistic approach to life we decided a focus on [...]

Fashion Foes

I may well be stepping on a few fashionista toes here, but is it just me that thinks some of the latest (and by all means old) fashion trends are, quite frankly, fashion foes? For the most part I’m usually in favour of new trends and I love seeing what sort of clothes, shoes and [...]

Giuliana Rancic Announces Illness

Giuliana Rancic, famed for her style notes on Fashion Police announced to the world that she has breast cancer.   Doctors made the discovery during a routine mammogram while undergoing another round of in-vitro fertilization treatment.  The star who has been trying to get pregnant with husband Bill made the sad announcement on US Television.   The [...]

Rihanna Fashion Hits and Misses

When Rihanna decided to do a song entitled ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ it seems her fashion sense followed suit.  Life imitating art?   Perhaps it’s her desperation to reveal as much flesh as possible that has led to her style decline but at one time Rihanna’s style was fantastically unique, funky, and very stylish.  These [...]

Kelly Osbourne: What Has She Become

Kelly Osbourne is the cutest as she tweets about unpacking in her new home! What we love about Kelly Osbourne is her sincerity, humbleness and good manners… well except during some of her tweets… predominantly about Luke ‘The User’ Worrall.  Let’s hope her new beau, Rob Damiani respects her and treats her as she deserves. [...]