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Don Denim

I think we all deserve a guilt free treat for struggling through January on stretched-out pennies but the question remains what should we spend our hard earned cash on? Denim is your answer. It’s set to be one of the biggest trends of Spring/Summer 2013 and key statement denim pieces are starting to treacle into [...]

Autumn/Winter Trend Alert

Winter warmers… in September? I know what your thinking, I feel your pain! Believe me, I wish it wasn’t this time of year already but with our unfortunate summer (or lack of) and the weather set to fall even further down hill, it’s about time we think about our winter wardrobe!   With rain, storms [...]

Sexy Snakeskin

Everywhere you look there seems to be something in a snakeskin print.  Whether you are brave enough to don pants or a dress or simply want to add a splash of the print, this is one trend we absolutely love.   It was big last autumn/winter and its’s still going strong.   Click images to [...]

Make Your Mind Up Fashion Faux Pas Critics!

Now, do correct me if I am wrong, but this year fashion has taken a very gigantic leap back around, and around again, straight into the direction of the 90s era! I am a 90s girl at heart, in body, and soul, but I definitely do not remember it being the decade of incredible style [...]

The Mullet Is Back…

Don’t worry there is no need to shield your eyes from the screen, as I definitely don’t mean the hairdo, phewww! Of course, I’m referring to the mullet hemline trend!   This sexy yet feminine trend is perfect for when you can’t decide between party or casual, modest or sassy, maxi or mini… instead you [...]

Nuts About Neon

Brace yourselves ladies, neon is back and is bigger and better than ever!   The once tacky trend has been revived in time for Spring/Summer 2012 and is being rocked by celebrities and catwalk shows all across the globe this season. From J-Lo, Fergie & Jessica Alba, to Kim Kardashian & Co, celebs of all [...]

Suits You, Sir?

Unlike baseball caps and low slung trousers, there are some looks that never go out of fashion. However a classic and timeless suit can easily be ruined by a few style crimes that could warrant the introduction of a real life fashion police or sabotage that perfect first date or your dream job interview So [...]

Blazer Glory

Time to introduce my latest style obsession: the blazer. This iconic and timeless piece is one that has recently become as essential to me as GHD’s and denim.   For a long time I eschewed this design trend as unappealing and unflattering; no doubt in part to memories of a bottle green school uniform with [...]

Stars and Stripes

Scrambling frantically at my keyboard in a desperate bid to win a pair of stars and stripes shorts (which is something I’ve been trying to get my hands on for weeks now by the way) I realised one thing, well two things actually…   The first being the realization that I was never going to [...]

Dare You Wear A Flatform?

Is it a wedge? Is it a flat? Could be a pair of heels? No, it’s a flatform! Nestled among the loafers and Sperry’s lurks a new breed of shoe. If you thought this season’s neon’s and Aztec prints were as far out as fashion could get, then brace yourself for the ‘flatform’. Here is [...]

Spring 2012 Trend: Bird Print

Forget floral print, as designers are flocking to textiles that include bird prints this spring!   Patterns including swans, pheasants and other bold prints are bringing birds to life on the catwalk this season and have found their way onto almost every piece of clothing and accessory you can think of, from tops, dresses, pants [...]

Do You Dare…?

Another year and the wheel of fashion continues to turn but 2012 promises to put a new spin on how we view ourselves.   Fashion editors in 2012 have looked up in astonishment and seen the landscape of fashion conscious women everywhere change as never before.   In the twilight of 2011, we saw the [...]

Let’s Talk Aztec!

My favourite trend of the season (in fact the whole year!) is by far Aztec.   The print and style originating from Mexico has inspired designers and collections all over the world this summer and the trend hasn’t stopped there, it’s continued on to be a very important and popular trend of autumn/winter 2011 and [...]

Fashion Foes

I may well be stepping on a few fashionista toes here, but is it just me that thinks some of the latest (and by all means old) fashion trends are, quite frankly, fashion foes? For the most part I’m usually in favour of new trends and I love seeing what sort of clothes, shoes and [...]

Fashioning the Future

Setting trends to define generations and creating icons that will be celebrated and placed on pedestals for years to come, fashion is so much more than which pair of Kurt Geiger shoes compliments the dress of the season and establishing the latest hemlines. The fashion world may never be the leading news headlines or top [...]

On Trend: Wedge Boots

The wedge boot, by far, has to be one of the greatest shoe types around. It’s very rare to find a shoe that not only looks chic, glamorous & super stylish, but actually provides comfort, practicality and even adds extra height to us ladies on the smaller side! The wedge boot has long been dominant, [...]

Fashion Faux Pas Forgiven

This year has been full of many not so good trends, even ones from the early 90s that resist deletion have made an appearance, but seeing as the year is so close to ending, I guess it is about time we address these and forgive ourselves…ready for 2011, and probably even worse fashion blunders. 1) [...]

Chanel’s Paris Fashion Week Showdown

Chanel has always been the epitome of chic.  It’s no surprise then that the French label’s theatrical show at the Grand Palais during Paris Fashion Week was said to be the highlight of the event.  The Parisian label didn’t merely produce a catwalk show, it created a theatrical performance.  Putting aside Karl Lagerfeld directing an [...]