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The Potential Partner Checklist

We’ve all done it. We’ve all not said yes to a date with a guy because he didn’t quite meet up with our expectations. You may have fancied him a bit but said no because you didn’t want to sit down for a coffee with him and then realise he wasn’t as funny or charming [...]

The One

  The One. The mystical person who is supposed to make your heart flutter and stomach flip. The enchanting soul mate that we are encouraged to spend our life searching for, the individual that all block buster films tell us will be gorgeous and smart and will pull us into whirlwind romances. That someone that [...]

Girl On The Platform Smiled…

Realistically have you ever seen a man or a woman approach another man or a woman and introduce themselves and ask for a date? Other than in chick flicks, I haven’t. Imagine what the world would be like if men and women were straight to the point about dating. The problem is, we ask ourselves [...]

Hey! Where’s the Fire?

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed how desperate a lot of women seem to be lately? Desperate to get a boyfriend to take them out and to love them. Desperate to find a man as good as (or preferably better than) their ex who broke their heart. Desperate to catch a man [...]

Who Can Buy Love?

  I’m a bit baffled by how women’s self reliance is going out the window. How can women work for gender equality and then base a man’s date-ability from the size of his wallet? Romantic decisions based on finance? I didn’t know you had to ask for a credit rating nowadays.   The way I [...]

Hand Luggage Only, Sir, Or Emotional Baggage As Well?

Summer has arrived – it’s official.  The weather is finally decent enough that I can pull my dusty sandals from the back of the wardrobe (aka the other side of Narnia) and dance around London replicating Maria from Sound of Music. Well, not literally; I’d get arrested for not having a street performance licence. But sun [...]

Time To Fill The Glass Up

Watching the news tonight it hit me – we Brits are never bloody happy. First it was a plea for more rainfall from an Anglian Water representative, as despite the incessant deluge, we are still ‘in drought’. Then the weather forecaster informed us just how much rain is to come. But this juxtaposition made me [...]

At What Age Can We Stop Calling Someone A Boyfriend?

The process used to be boyfriend, fiancé, husband. It was much simpler in some ways – sometimes families arranged the match (both good and bad) and you were encouraged to uphold your vows by society.  But nowadays it seems to be boyfriend (s), fiancé, husband, rebound, toyboy, partner. Marriage just doesn’t seem to mean forever [...]

I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

Bono’s classic hits just the right note for my thoughts tonight.  Whilst I may not have run through the fields or scaled these city walls to be with a guy, travelling on the tube to Outer Mongolia (or Zone 6, whichever you prefer) is an indication that I am willing to put in some effort [...]

Right Man For The Job

Applying for a job is similar to searching for that perfect man. You spend hours hunting for the one that excites you, and ask every step of the way if you see a future between the two of you. But while companies and potential employers grill you more than a George Foreman about your past [...]

A Plethora Of Options = Indecisive

  Or perhaps the title should be, are white socks enough of a reason not to see someone again?   Too many options means decisions are difficult. It’s too easy to bin someone for the smallest things as you imagine better is around the corner. I should probably explain the reasoning behind my milk-churned thoughts [...]

5 Reasons Why You Can’t Find A Decent Boyfriend

1. You are too busy thinking about how much he earns and what kind of car he drives rather than what kind of currency he has in terms of emotional investment. Even J-LO once said ‘my love don’t cost a thing.’ Let’s forget the fact that she’s actually loaded herself, it is important to see [...]

Stolen Glances: The Tentative Business of ‘Hi’

Social etiquette is a total romance killer. Every day, millions of people pass millions more in the street. In true ‘Sliding Doors‘ style, just think of all of those ‘what if’ moments that lived for but a few seconds between each pairing of locked eyes. You know when it happens. One minute you’ll be trying [...]

Spoiling the Illusion: You Don’t Need a Relationship.

My name is Lucy. I am twenty-five years old, and I have been single for the last two and a half of them. My relationship with my own singularity is tumultuous and seems to go around in circles more times than when I play ‘laser pen’ with my cat. There are stages when I can [...]

Single Days

As Christmas lurks its sparkly head around November’s corner you begin to notice how much love really is in the air, and most couples come out of hibernation to display that love brighter than the biggest bauble on the tree. But just as kids, and fun loving adults open their sickly sweet treats behind each [...]

Miss Independent: It’s OK if You’ve Never Been in Love

This week American Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson openly admitted that she still had her love virginity, saying that “‘I’ve never been in love. I’ve never experienced certain things, and I think that’s because I have this side of me that is shut off.”   At 29 years old and not exactly harmful to the eye, [...]

Do Good Things Come To Those Who Date?

Of all the scary and awkward situations we put ourselves in first dates have to be very near the top of the list. I’ve never really believed much in the whole idea of ‘dating’, it all seems far too formal and artificial a process for true love or romance to blossom in my books. I [...]