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The Potential Partner Checklist

We’ve all done it. We’ve all not said yes to a date with a guy because he didn’t quite meet up with our expectations. You may have fancied him a bit but said no because you didn’t want to sit down for a coffee with him and then realise he wasn’t as funny or charming [...]

I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

Bono’s classic hits just the right note for my thoughts tonight.  Whilst I may not have run through the fields or scaled these city walls to be with a guy, travelling on the tube to Outer Mongolia (or Zone 6, whichever you prefer) is an indication that I am willing to put in some effort [...]

Right Man For The Job

Applying for a job is similar to searching for that perfect man. You spend hours hunting for the one that excites you, and ask every step of the way if you see a future between the two of you. But while companies and potential employers grill you more than a George Foreman about your past [...]

5 Reasons Why You Can’t Find A Decent Boyfriend

1. You are too busy thinking about how much he earns and what kind of car he drives rather than what kind of currency he has in terms of emotional investment. Even J-LO once said ‘my love don’t cost a thing.’ Let’s forget the fact that she’s actually loaded herself, it is important to see [...]

Spoiling the Illusion: You Don’t Need a Relationship.

My name is Lucy. I am twenty-five years old, and I have been single for the last two and a half of them. My relationship with my own singularity is tumultuous and seems to go around in circles more times than when I play ‘laser pen’ with my cat. There are stages when I can [...]

Mr Not-So-Perfect

Ever wish you could just curl up and hide when you hear the phrase “I know someone who’s perfect for you”? it’s even managed to replace the broken record track of “why haven’t you got a boyfriend” as the officially most irritating thing people can say to me which has to be some achievement.   [...]