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Pigging Out On Data

Happy Easter all, I hope your extended weekend was as religious / chocolate-y as you hoped it would be.  Given that Easter weekend is synonymous with overindulgence and gluttony, I find myself reflecting on the fact that not only are we a nation of over eaters in the traditional sense, we are also overstuffed with… [...]

What about MY happy ending?

The world we live in is full of bad news, every time you turn on any news channel, more often than not it is delivering some depressing information that you’d frankly rather not know. Although, there are times in life when fate, destiny, God – whoever is in control of things – dishes someone a [...]

‘Single Girl Chronicles’ Step1: Finding Mr Right

So here I am, two years later and still a miss not a Mrs. Don’t get me wrong I am too young (22)to be walking down the aisle but what happened to Mr Right. It is summer time and love is the air, couples stroll through the parks with a glint in their eyes whilst [...]