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The Potential Partner Checklist

We’ve all done it. We’ve all not said yes to a date with a guy because he didn’t quite meet up with our expectations. You may have fancied him a bit but said no because you didn’t want to sit down for a coffee with him and then realise he wasn’t as funny or charming [...]

How do you get back in the dating game?

It seems, as my friends and I creep closer into adulthood, more and more of us are finding ourselves in serious and steady relationships. Dating is a thing of the past for the most of us; so when we all started watching the Channel 4 series, ‘Dates’, which is allegedly an honest look at modern dating, [...]

Lying to Impress

Most of us have done it at one time or another. Whether it be during a job interview (“I’m so interested in moving up within your company Mr Starbucks”)  or to make your last holiday sound so much more amazing than it was (really it was just a mess of airport delays and food poisoning wasn’t it?) [...]

Tales of Horror from the Dating Front Line

Halloween is all about horror and fear, ghosts, witches, vampires and according to the Sun; Katie Price wearing small pieces of PVC that vaguely resemble an official uniform. But here at LoveScene, and in my lively imagination, Halloween is all about that classic brand of fireside tale; the dating horror story.   Here I have [...]

Men Dressed for Dating Success?

Guys, can we just note there are a few things that will always mean you’re left as the floundering wingman and nursing a ready meal for one on a Saturday night? Okay, so we can’t guarantee dating success but when you’re reduced to actually considering signing up for speed dating or just beginning to find [...]

The Dating Game

Why is it that people start relationships without a first date?   My past two relationships have begun with nothing but the question which immediately puts you into a relationship, not being given the option to even get to know the person. So when we are young why do first dates seem absent?   Are [...]

Give Magic A Helping Hand

Ah, l’amour. That holiest of holy grails, the temple into which we seek admission. The state of being which theoretically transcends all and casts a benevolent glow over the universe. Magic carpets, genies and lamps, a rose in a glass jar, dancing teacups, soft shagpile carpets and a crackling country open log fire.  All is [...]

Employment, Romance, And The First-Date Questions You’d Really Love To Ask

Employment prudence demands a dash of realism as well as dreams.  In the current and likely future economic climate (cheers George) chasing your dream job is admirable, but you need to earn enough to live.  Thus we are advised not to just quit your job.  Do your dream role voluntarily in your free time, do [...]

Standard Issues?

Too tall, too short, too old or too blonde? Just some of the reasons I’ve been known to turn down potential dates in the past. Before giving the impression of being someone who is more fussy than you can believe, there was also someone who resembled Sergei from the Compare the Meerkat adverts. Oh and [...]

A Plethora Of Options = Indecisive

  Or perhaps the title should be, are white socks enough of a reason not to see someone again?   Too many options means decisions are difficult. It’s too easy to bin someone for the smallest things as you imagine better is around the corner. I should probably explain the reasoning behind my milk-churned thoughts [...]

Ramblings of a First Time Dater

Entering the dating scene, so far, has been relatively painless but wildly confusing. I’ve always been one for dating within childhood friendship groups – you have the safety of knowing who they are, where they’re from, what they do, what they’re like – but I’ve recently branched out to meet up with ‘strangers’.   At [...]

How To Lose a Guy in Two Dates

A fresh new interest. After being single for a while, you come across a man that ticks all the right boxes, and he seems to be showing an interest in you too – not something that comes around every day! And what’s more, he’s come to you at the right time, and nothing seems to [...]

Good Old Fashioned Gal

I’ve got a secret to tell you. Come a little bit closer and I’ll whisper it in your ear.   I’ve kind of… sort of… got a boyfriend.   Yes, that still feels exceptionally weird to say, particularly as it’s been about two years since I’ve even thought about giving someone that label. And to [...]

Sex Toys On A First Date?

When considering sex toys for couples it is more often thought that they are a good way to “spice things up” after couples have been together for a while. Perhaps a need arises to experiment in order to revive their sexual appetite and experience new ways of love making. You may be surprised to know that [...]

The Gentleman and The Lady

I am in love with old fashioned romance! The days where men use to open doors for women, surprise them with flowers and chocolates and make an effort to connect intellectually.   I cannot help but feel that many women are lacking the gentleman, the man who would go to any lengths in order to [...]

Do Good Things Come To Those Who Date?

Of all the scary and awkward situations we put ourselves in first dates have to be very near the top of the list. I’ve never really believed much in the whole idea of ‘dating’, it all seems far too formal and artificial a process for true love or romance to blossom in my books. I [...]

First Blind Dates

First dates are hard enough but what if your first date is a blind one?  First the usual precautions:   ♥ Wear something conservative.  Tick. ♥ Make sure your heels aren’t so big that you can’t get away quickly should you require.  Tick. ♥ Arrange to meet someone familiar and public with plenty of taxis waiting in the vicinity [...]


TOP 10 FIRST DATE TIPS FOR MEN The courage mustered to approach her was well worth it as you leave with her number firmly stored in your phone. Before you get carried away envisaging months of sex, you need to overcome the first hurdle of that all important first date.   FIRST DATE TIP NUMBER [...]

A NOT SO BRIEF ENCOUNTER: Top 10 First Date Tips

TOP 10 FIRST DATE TIPS FOR WOMEN Your eyes met, your smiles matched and numbers were exchanged with hope and excitement. However, whilst you thought your first date consisted of flowing drinks and scintillating conversation, you never heard from him again. So what went wrong? Read on to discover the magic beans that turn 1 [...]

Understanding Men…Will We Women Ever?

It is the question many women ask, many ponder and perhaps spend minutes, hours or even days trying to figure out. Will we ever understand men?   I am sure it has been the question from the beginning of time, even the Ancients were probably puzzled by it. Obviously men have a different thought process [...]