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CORRIE NIELSEN SS13: The Perks of Being a Flower

Fringe award winning Corrie Nielsen’s SS13 show was certainly one of the most looked-for ones in the first day of this London Fashion Week. “I’ve put my all into this collection. It’s probably my most stressful to date, but it will be the most remarkable!” stated the rousing Central Saint Martins graduated designer days before [...]

Bold Prints For Summer Holidays

There is a lot of print around this season, from delicate, barely-there prints to bold in your face designs. Celebrities such as Florence Welch and Rihanna have really rocked this look recently but if it’s not your style to be quite so brash, you can infuse your outfits with as little print as you desire. [...]

SS12′s Flower Craze: Love It Or Hate It?

I love fashion, and I relish the opportunity to wear what I please, whether it be skirt, dress, trousers, shorts (weather permitting of course).  There are so many ways to be yourself.  Sadly for men, they  don’t have such a vast array of clothing to express themselves. Then there’s cosmetics. Love them or loathe them, [...]

Florence Welch’s Style

Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine has a very unique style.  She has never been afraid to embrace her own idea of fashion and no matter how kooky you may think her style is, she owns it and that makes her fashionista statements very appealing.   She is all about textures and prints and [...]

Florence Welch and Her New Man – Love’s Young Dream!

Late last year British musician Florence Welch announced she had split from her long-term boyfriend. The break-up posed as a tough time for the young singer; however a silver lining was provided with the break-up offering prime inspiration for her second album.   It would now seem that young Florence has not only recovered from [...]

The Florence, the Machine and the Wardrobe

Florence Welch is one of those annoying people who just makes you want to scream, “Where did you buy everything you own!” And while the lucky lot who did manage to get tickets for her sell out tour can attempt this strategy, in the meantime why not read on to find out how to imitate [...]