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Frankie Cocozza Kicked Off The X Factor!

X Factor wild child Frankie Cocozza has been axed from the show… are we suprised?   The shaggy haired rocker apparently broke one of the shows ‘golden rules’ by bragging about using Cocaine, but it gets better, he said it in front of the production staff!   He has released a statement today apologising to [...]

Kelly Rowland Pulls Out Of This Week’s X Factor, But Who Will Replace Her?

……….None other than home grown Alexandra Burke!   But why is Kelly being replaced? And what the heck is going on in the X Factor? It’s usually the acts that grab the attention of the press but not this year, this year it’s all about the judges!   This season of the X Factor revealed [...]

X Factor Live Show Ratings Low

Listening to Tulisa Contostavlos repeatedly tell participants on the X Factor live show that they had “energy” drained me of any energy I had left for the programme! Let’s face it, one of the contestants was so dull it was like watching paint dry and yet she still drew this incorrect evaluation out of her [...]

Gary Barlow – The Star That’s Still Rising

Is there something about the number one seat on the judging panel of X Factor that makes the likes of average looking Simon Cowell and Gary Barlow more attractive?  The lead singer of Take That was always outshone by his other four band members in the looks department and he was never picked up by [...]