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The Revelation

As you darling readers may know, I had a break up recently. Well two months ago, which for some of you is a millennia, for some is almost like the blink of an eye. For me it’s still very very recent and really quite raw. He left to work on cruise ships for six months [...]

The Only Way Isn’t Essex – Or Your Ex

I never thought I’d say this, but I really feel for Lauren Goodger. Having watched the first two seasons of TOWIE, I wasn’t a fan. I know it’s all in the editing, but she really struck me as an insecure selfish bitch. I thought she just needed to get over her ex and stop saying [...]

Will It Work This Time?

Some relationships fizzle out after time, some last for many years and some are on and off for a while. For the ones that end and are over and done with, you just have to move on and hope that next time you get it right. For the ones that last for years these are [...]

Do You Know When To Quit?

We all know how hard it is to break a habit. Whether it’s giving up smoking, cutting out alcohol or trying to stop biting your nails; quitting something you enjoy doing or see as a comfort can be the hardest thing in the world.   How similar this problem is when it comes to breaking [...]

Social Media Making It Harder To Move On?

When moving on from a relationship I’m a firm believer in the concept of ‘out of sight out of mind’. However, in this day and age with social media, networking sites and messenger applications steering clear of an ex is not as simple as avoiding his local. Getting through the day can be hard enough [...]

Ex-pensive Break Overs: The real cost of being dumped

Crying over your meal for one, watching Pretty Woman on repeat, and listening to Leona Lewis’s ‘Bleeding Love’ until your ears may actually bleed; we’ve all been there when it comes to dealing with a break up. However, the emotional cost isn’t the darkest phase that women should fear, as a new study reveals that [...]

Losing Control

Having control always seemed to be the way things were for me, I would always do well when it came to my education, any job I took on would be successfully completed and if I wanted to own that pair of killer high heels it would be so. Nothing seemed out of my reach that [...]

Got To Be Cruel To Be Kind?

‘Oh dear god just get a grip and get over it!’   As soon as these words left my mouth I could feel all my girlfriends stare at me in absolute horror. In hindsight it probably wasn’t the nicest thing to say to a friend who was struggling to come to terms with a bad [...]


You land with a hard thud, the blue birds, butterflies, white bunnies and red love hearts disappear. No longer seeing the object of your affection with rose-tinted glasses, you now face the bleak reality.   Falling for a guy you once believed to be perfect, yet eventually realising he is exactly like your ex was [...]

The one after the one.

What happens if you are the one, well, after the one? Is that statement nonsensical? Does it cancel one of you out? Or does it actually negate the concept of ‘the soulmate’ completely? Modern relationships are, on the whole, no longer born from necessity or tradition. Rather we move along a spectrum, from first dates [...]

Mr Right? Or Mr Right Enough?

Have you ever compared your current squeeze to the man you dreamt about as a girl? Draped in your mother’s crisp white net curtains, parading as the blushing bride and fantasising about him worshipping you wildly…   So what happened to that dream?   Did you find him? Lose him? Keep him? Have you settled [...]

Sex with the Ex!

Splitting up with someone is hard, our emotions are all over the place, and we just want to hide in our beds and come back out when the pain is gone, only that’s not how things work, so we go out and get drunk instead, and all too often we manage to take our ex [...]

Heart Break, Smart Break

When it comes to experiences of pain I believe the majority of us would rather subject ourselves to root canals and bikini wax’s 100 times over than experience heartbreak just once. Technology is so advanced in this day and age we can travel round the world in a matter of hours and for those who [...]

How to Cope with the ‘eX Factor’.

Now this is a question that will split best friends apart, families into disorder and probably bring upon the end of the world, or so it may seem. Can you remain friends with someone you used to be so much closer with? And that is the issue, how close were you during the relationship? If [...]