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Chic Networking presents the Liverpool Fashion & Lifestyle Event

On Sunday, December 1st, the Liverpool Hilton played host to the first ever Liverpool Fashion & Lifestyle Event. The project was put together by Chic Networking and Tiger PR to showcase the best of Liverpool’s boutique fashions and to allow local independent businesses to promote themselves and network with other businesses also in the fashion [...]

The Perfect Body?

  As summer is fast approaching and bikini season is almost here, I’m sure we’re all running to the gym and ditching the snacks in preparation. It’s always the same time of year that I start to panic and decide that I need to go on a ‘diet’ for when the weather gets warmer and [...]

Plastic Surgery – Is It Worth It?

There was a time when all children dressed like children and all adults looked like, well, normal human beings.  That was of course before attractive adults took to cosmetic surgery in a bid to keep their youthful looks. The last time Sharon Osbourne graced British television she looked fabulous for her age, albeit with the [...]

A-Z of Natural Foods for Healthy and Youthful Skin

For centuries mankind has been using natural foods as part of their beauty regime. Below is an A-Z of naturally occurring foods that assist in maintaning healthy and youthful skin, naturally. Avocado Packed with healthy, monounsaturated fats Avocados boost the plumpness of skin cells.  The E and C vitamins that they are rich in are [...]