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What to Wear for a Vacation Get Away!

What to Wear for a Vacation Get Away Planning on a beach front vacation this summer? Or maybe you just want to look like you are. Either way Hawaiian tropical fashion trends are making way. Tropical paradise sure makes you feel good and provides that R&R we all need from time to time. Sultry colors [...]

Baroque: A New Take On An Old Classic

Baroque…The material that always reminds me of Christmas. Perfect for December festivities, red carpet events or just dressing up around the house, it’s fit for a queen, quite literally.   Whether it’s Lanvin’s gold and black baroque dress, or Dolce and Gabbana’s baroque military-esque jacket, this design is destined to make you feel like a [...]

Elite Model Look Final 2012

  On my first day of working with Elite, I didn’t know what to expect.   After spending time with the team at the Newcastle scouting event, I knew everyone was friendly and extremely welcoming, but I still had those natural butterfly nerves which occur every time. As I found my way off the tube [...]

The Hi-Top

I have never been a fan of the trainer, and luckily it has never been considered ‘fashionable’ to wear them. In fact I dislike trainers so much it took me forever and a day to decide on a pair that I even remotely liked to wear to the gym. After my first wear, I decided [...]

Sexy Snakeskin

Everywhere you look there seems to be something in a snakeskin print.  Whether you are brave enough to don pants or a dress or simply want to add a splash of the print, this is one trend we absolutely love.   It was big last autumn/winter and its’s still going strong.   Click images to [...]

Designer watch: Carlos Campos

I’ve recently been offered a job to work as a content writer for a menswear fashion website which was the inspiration behind my article. I haven’t written as many menswear articles as I have women’s wear, as I’ve always thought this to be a little out of my comfort zone. But now in spirit of [...]

Fashion Week is Nearly Here!

It’s September and for the fashion world that means a non-stop procession of catwalk shoes and designer presentations. From New York and Milan to London and Paris, Dolce and Dior to Gucci and Giorgio, it’s a world that many may aspire to but few devotees ever infiltrate. However…   Last season (it’s always S/S or [...]

Bon Anniversaire Coco Chanel

I grew up around women who had a ‘lost in time’ approach to makeup, and as a result of dipping into their makeup bags, my first experiments into beauty were not remotely age appropriate, or decade fitting for that matter. There’s something about a prepubescent caked in 70s Biba foundation that doesn’t quite work, disturbing [...]

A Loom of Possibility

Hunched across a rectangular frame, threading and stringing, punching and entwining in reversing and paralleling directions, only to replicate and repeat indefinitely. This was the process for Joseph Marie Charles in 18th century Lyons, France. Later reputedly nicknamed Jacquard, his penchant for fabricating unsurprisingly stemmed from an established family of weavers. Although far from respected or [...]

Olympic Shoes

Charlotte Olympia Dellal, a Cordwainers graduate, launched her namesake footwear label in 2006. The half-Brazilian, half-English designer’s creations are inspired by the glamour of the 1940s, and all ooze a uniqueness.   Her heels range from animal printed to fruit inspired platforms, suede and a variety of colours, themes and textures.   Her statement making [...]

From Sophistication To Imitation: The Changing Role Of The Fashion Blogger

The wave of fashion bloggers to flood our screens shows no signs of slowing. With the temptation of front row seats, partnerships, and advertising deals, more and more style devotees are opening their wardrobes onto that of the World Wide Web.  Just a quick click away from other fashion fanatics stepping on each other’s heels [...]

A Shock To The Season

The first AW12 catalogue thumped through my letter box this morning. Short of causing an almighty thud and nearly knocking the dog unconscious it seemed especially premature, even somewhat unnecessary with our characteristically disappointing weather. It seems we’ve barely gotten a sunburnt shoulder into summer’s hottest dresses when the autumnal checks and cognac pelts are [...]

The 90s Are Already Vintage

It all started very subtly. Nobody seemed surprised when three years ago the denim shirt began to turn up again in the shops after a lengthy absence. What had been the sin of this apparently innocent and stylish garment that had granted it such a long exile from our wardrobes? I will tell you, it [...]

Elite Model Look – Nottingham Casting

The city of Nottingham can sometimes fly under the fashion radar, even though designer Paul Smith hails from the Shire’ and opened his flagship store in the centre, so when the Elite Model Management team passed through town for one stylish Saturday only, we knew the Midlands would don their finest garments and not let Nottingham [...]

Fashion & Food

Fashion and food aren’t two words you often hear together.  I am constantly torn between these two things; I love a cup of tea and a scrumptious piece of carrot cake yet I still want to feel fabulous in that dress on Saturday night.   Fortunately there are at least two people I admire that [...]

Elite Model Look Casting 2012

Located in the heart of the Metrocentre, Gateshead in Newcastle upon Tyne, a small group of people stood on the lookout for the next generation’s new face.   Scanning over the waves of people circulating the shopping mall, each model scout’s eye was ready to lock in on potential models within the crowd. “You have [...]

Mulberry Spring Scarves

I am in lust with Mulberry at the moment, especially after covering their Spring/Summer 2012 collection for our very own Manchester Fashion Week.   Currently on trend are their lightweight scarves that are ideal for this weather we are experiencing. The scarves are perfect  being light enough for Spring and can add intrigue to an [...]

Trench Warfare

Last month marked the news of a sad demise from a historical fashion brand. One hundred and sixty years of dressing the very best from Cary Grant to Sophia Loren, fashion retailer Aquascutum had gone into administration. But now as the Hong Kong-based owner of the brand in Asia sets to consolidate its control, new [...]

Louboutin Luxury

Elegance, glamour and status… words which can only be used to describe a true style symbol of modern-day fashion.   The shoes of Christian Louboutin are simply iconic, and are individual works of art. Instantly recognizable to the eyes of any fashion-conscious woman, Louboutin’s designs really are one of a kind. He is widely known [...]

Christian Louboutin To Make Cinderella’s Glass Slippers

Fashion has always had a love affair with fairy tales and now that sets to continue as Christian Louboutin is recreating the most famous pair of shoes in fairy tale history. I think we all remember being little and dreaming that the glass slipper would slip on our feet and we would be transported to [...]