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Fashion You Will Either Love Or Hate

If I said the words “Ugg boots” would you either look at me in disgust or show me your latest pair? I personally hate them but a lot of people love them. I can’t see why. When I look at them I just see an unflattering pair of slippers that make even the most well dressed [...]

Party Dresses For The Party Season

In the run up to Christmas, we look at the huge choice of party dresses available in the shops and pick the 8 we love.

Autumn Winter 2010 High Fashion and High Street

Despite the numerous sightings of dark browns and neutrals some designers have really sought to infuse their forthcoming collections with bright colours.  Perhaps most indicative of this is the human version of the Great Barrier Reef, Dior’s Autumn/Winter 2010-11 collection.  It is full of beautiful bold colours, gorgeous fabrics and amazing layered shapes. On the [...]