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Holiday Destination: Vilamoura, Portugal

I recently got back from a holiday in Portugal with my family having stayed at the Vilamoura resort, which is located on the beautiful marina on the Algarve. The place is a popular resort for golfers due to the large amount of golf courses in the area. However, it is also a great getaway for [...]

Sun, Sea and Churros in Rojales

I did no research on Rojales before my summer holiday there.   This was not through laziness, but more my belief that sometimes it’s better to go to a place not knowing what to expect, especially on a last-minute holiday.  I’d never even heard of Rojales before, but I heard it had sea, sun and sand, [...]

Summer Holiday Travel Outfits

When it comes to holidays the excitement  starts at the airport, right?  Well, maybe a bit before that.  Buying your holiday outfits, the exciting countdown weeks before, the night before, the airport, the aeroplane and then eventually you arrive at your destination. Let’s face it though, the holiday began the night before you flew because [...]

Holiday Showdown: How To Survive A Girlie Getaway

So the summer season is almost upon us, and for some it is the time to start booking last minute holidays. For those of us who are single and far too old to be going on holiday with our parents, holidaying with our friends seems like a perfect solution.   While the idea of soaking [...]

Romantic Holidays in Turkey

Full of incredible scenery, culture and cuisine, Turkey is a wonderful choice for couples wanting to get away from it all.  Away from the tour buses and parties the country makes for a wonderful romantic getaway. With so many travel agents and tour operators offering cheap holidays to Benidorm, sorry Bodrum, one can be forgiven [...]

Lone Parent Family Holidays, Not Lonely Holidays

Going on holiday with your child or children as a single parent can feel unappealing and even scary, as visions of struggling to keep the kids entertained and feeling lonely and bored are all too understandable.  Watching the other holiday makers with the support of a partner, whether that be someone to talk to over [...]