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The Lady In The Middle

In a climactic ending to the Super Injunction debate that has been dominating the headlines for the last few weeks, Ryan Giggs has officially been named and shamed as the professional footballer seeking to cover up his disreputable infidelity with former Big Brother contestant Immogen Thomas. Whilst the row continues in Parliament after Liberal Democrat [...]

How Could He Do This To Me?

Why did he do it? Was it because of me? Have I gained weight? Is it because she is prettier than me?   These are just some of the questions that we ask ourselves after being betrayed by somebody that we love/loved. You never feel worse about yourself than after discovering that a partner has [...]


So after all the Twitter, Facebook and God knows what, finally an MP has come out and said the name of the person at the fore front of the Super Injunction is non other than RYAN GIGGS. For years Ryan Giggs has had a whiter than white image, as a successful footballer who has represented [...]

The Super Injunction rolls on…. and on…. and on…. and on

Its that time again where I get to my computer and write about the wild life of some certain celebrities, and whilst the topic has been written to death I feel it only right that I offer my insight into this face that is ‘The Super Injunction’. Firstly I want to talk about the title. [...]