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Bring on the bunting – and the bondage

Love, liberty and libation.  Three things us Brits adore. And what better excuse to combine all three than a massive party in London?   (The weather sucked, but hey that’s traditional too.)   Belated ‘Congratulations’ ma’am’.  60 years of devotion to her country.  Her Majesty’s recent Diamond Jubilee had me enjoying strawberries, celebrating the extra [...]

Spotted: Removal Van Outside Of Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore’s Home

A removal van has been reportedly seen parked outside of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore’s home in Santa Monica, California, suggesting their relationship has taken a turn for the worst. Ashton Kutcher was left feeling utterly ashamed when Sara Leal informed the press that she and Kutcher had slept together on his and Demi’s sixth [...]

How Could He Do This To Me?

Why did he do it? Was it because of me? Have I gained weight? Is it because she is prettier than me?   These are just some of the questions that we ask ourselves after being betrayed by somebody that we love/loved. You never feel worse about yourself than after discovering that a partner has [...]

Wayne Rooney and the Twitter Attack

I refuse to enter into the cheating footballer debate anymore.  I’ve tried but the only conclusion I’ve come to is that they all must be insanely stupid. Cue Wayne Rooney, who stands accused this weekend of cheating on his wife, adding to the long, long list of sporting ‘stars’ who have done the same. However, [...]