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Curing The Insecurities

In the last article I had promised that I would tell you some good ways to deal with over-possessiveness. Well, I did some research and found that a majority of people compare it to a lack of trust. They say that the people who can’t trust their partners, get over-possessive. It may be true but [...]

Perfection Lost

When it came to the opposite sex I always thought that I had to appear perfect, make-up done immaculately, hair brushed without a strand out of place and teeth always gleaming. Little did I realise it was when I thought I was not perfect that I would actually be at my most, well, perfect.   [...]

Living In The Past

It is sometimes easier going backwards for some, rather than taking the more healthy approach and moving forward. Many of us tend to go round in a cycle of going back to an ex, leaving them and returning once more.   I myself have never been one to go back to an ex or a [...]

Pretty People Destined To Be Alone?

Watching a documentary the other day about body image and how people, in particular women, are pressured to be beautiful, got me thinking… are pretty people destined to be alone?   I know that sounds quite bizarre as at first glance you would think, generally speaking, good looking people would be of the first to [...]

Loving Yourself

Before contemplating a serious relationship with another person, I believe you have to have a healthy relationship with yourself first. In all fairness I think it is okay, to an extent, for a person to love themselves without being too big headed about it!   You have to love yourself before you learn to love [...]

Shattered Mirror

Like a mirror, once trust is broken it is never the same again. No matter how many times you try your best to fix it, you will never see a clear image.   That is why so many people find trusting their partner so difficult and at times scary, as no one wants their trust [...]

Slapping Labels On Each Other

When you’re “seeing someone” the great debate that will pop up, 9 times out of 10, is whether you are “boyfriend and girlfriend” – this debate can be a tricky one and can have side-effects such as: hurt feelings, clinginess and maybe even a “run away!” response from one of you, but sooner or later [...]

Relationship Game Playing

When it comes to dating ‘playing games’ is a phrase that women will often roll their eyes at.  Women all over the world are heard moaning to their friends, “Why can’t men just grow up?  Does he honestly think I care to play games?”   Wait a minute, when did playing games become such a [...]

He Has Got A Big…Ego!

A guy that owns tighter jeans than me, whose hair is longer, who stays in the bathroom longer and takes ages to get ready. These are things I can deal with, each to their own and whatever makes a person happy. What I cannot tolerate is a guy whose ego is bigger than a double-decker [...]

A Shallow Heart

After overhearing a conversation between two young females, I could not help but think of the film Shallow Hal, and whether we are now in a world where looks matter more than personality. The young female was speaking of a friend’s girlfriend, and I quote, “he is handsome, he can do so much better, and [...]