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5 Turn-Arounds When Jealousy Is Ruining Your Lovelife

Everything was going great, until it happened again. Like it always does, your jealousy crashed in and spoiled the date you were on. Just like in the past, your jealousy ruined the good thing you had going with a fabulous guy and left you miserable and embarrassed. That’s the way that jealousy works. It feels [...]

Is Your Over-Possessiveness Killing Your Relationship?

Few days back, I saw a lady on the metro rail. She was in a fierce and heated argument with someone on the phone. Although I had no intention to eavesdrop on her conversation, her tone was so loud (and rude!) that I could barely escape her yellings. And it was not just me. Probably [...]

Best Frenemies Forever…?

The trouble with being registered with an upmarket, sought after hairdresser is that you spend more time in the waiting area than you actually do in the chair. Last Monday in that very waiting area, I sat reading my tome, when I suddenly felt eyes boring in to my soul… oh, no, wait, it was [...]


Bob-alongs is a term I coined several years ago to refer to those people who bob along though life, without any issues, problems, heartbreaks or baggage. They have good jobs, loving families, great friends and fantastic boyfriends. Even when they’re single, they take it in their stride; they’re never single for long anyway. You could [...]