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Ella Harriet Laver’s Got ‘The London Look’

Ella Laver has won the hearts of a nation and secured a contract to become one of the faces of a famous make-up brand, by winning a public vote in More magazine to be named Miss Rimmel Sunshimmer (Grimsby Telegraph Nov 2011)   Last year, Ella Laver, 20, was imagining every young girl’s desire of [...]

Who’s Next?

It seems like there’s something uneasy going on in the world of celebrity at the moment, with one break up swiftly following another.   Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis are rumoured to have split, whilst Project Runway star Heidi Klum confirmed her break up with husband Seal. Yesterday it was the turn of N Dubz [...]

Celebrities We Want To Hear About in 2012

Each year there are certain celebrities that grab the headlines whilst others try their best to evade them. Unfortunately the ones in the spotlight aren’t necessarily the ones we want there.   Megastars that we want to hear more about during 2012 (in no particular order) are pictured below.  Some of those included have passed [...]

Questioning Fur

Witnessing anti-fur protestors on King Street (Manchester) recently made me think more about the ethics of wearing real fur, and whether or not it was okay to see celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Keira Knightley or Kate Moss parade around in dead animals.   For me personally, fake fur has always been the right answer, [...]

Cameron Diaz And P Diddy, Dating?

Really!? This is just a rumour (yet!) but it quite possibly could be true… imagine Cameron Diaz and Diddy himself, dating. Weird.   The rumours have been flying around since the beautiful blonde, Cameron Diaz was spotted on a string of dinner dates with the very famous rapper P Diddy (or Sean Combs by his [...]

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Split

Much to the surprise of the world, Jennifer Lopez and her husband, Marc Anthony, have announced they are to separate after seven years of marriage.   During their marriage they have worked together on various projects together, including starring together in the film El Cantante, released in 2006, and working on music recordings together.  The [...]

Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles

Perhaps it’s because she is so beautiful, sexy and sophisticated but Jennifer Lopez really does seem to pull off every hairstyle she has. Whether it’s an updo channelling old Hollywood glamour or wavy flowing queen-of-the-jungle hair, her style never disappoints.   CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE…   Images courtesy of;;;;;; [...]

Freaky Fruit

Eating our 5-a-day fruit portions is never going to be dull again! Summer’s big look this year is based on citrus colours of lemon and lime, as well as fruity prints and designs. The banana, apple, cherry, strawberry, orange, lemon and lime trend is engulfing everything from jewellery to dresses, playsuits, bags and shoes.   [...]

Celebrities That Look 10 Years Younger

Demi Moore She was always fresh faced even in the days of filming Ghost but when she showed off her amazing body, and face, for the Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle movie the world was stunned by this young looking actress.  Aged 48 this movie star looks fantastic for her age.  Having moved home 40 times [...]