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Accessories That Are Worth Investing In

You may not like shopping very much and when it comes to shopping for accessories…well, it may just not be as interesting as shopping for things like electronics, books or sporting equipment! But you also know that clothes make the man, and this means that you really do have to spend some time and some [...]

Dana Lorenz Spring/Summer 2012 Jewellery Collection

Over-sized rings, magpie attracting earrings, armour-esque necklaces and tough cuffs, I own almost every piece of costume jewellery going.   This infatuation is beginning to get out of control however, and at times I do scare myself. Needless to say I have found another collection of jewellery to fall hopelessly in love with that goes [...]

Loud Statement Rings

When it comes to jewellery I am anything but subtle, in this case, less is not always more. I love wearing chunky chains, having rings adorn my fingers and wearing earrings that are big enough to rival the great Pat Butcher.   One of the looks for this year is again going to be tribal, [...]

Winter Survival

A dark sky, the sound of rain or the crazy wind usually greets me every morning, I am just waiting for the snow now!   Long gone are those warm, sunny days where the sun shone down on us, we will not be seeing that for quite a few more months! With that said, why [...]

Choker Convert

Continually the fashion world showers us with a contrasting range of trends each season. Together they often compliment and praise one another as if they were always meant to be. Like tulle and lace or cable knit and cashmere. Other times, the styles seem less likely to unite and contrast not in that seemingly effortless [...]

Mature Couture

The past year has been somewhat of a fashion dilemma for me. Last October I turned twenty and the realisation that I’m no longer a teenager panicked me somewhat. I know my mum would say I’m being ridiculous and I’ve still got years left of my youth. I can make regrettable fashion mistakes, wear risky [...]

Beaded Bliss

Jewellery has always captivated my attention, perhaps I was a magpie in a previous life!   Pieces of jewellery can compliment an outfit, complete the look and grab the attention of other people.   Summer 2011 has strongly presented its tribal look and with it has come more exotic pieces of jewellery, which are simple [...]

Freaky Fruit

Eating our 5-a-day fruit portions is never going to be dull again! Summer’s big look this year is based on citrus colours of lemon and lime, as well as fruity prints and designs. The banana, apple, cherry, strawberry, orange, lemon and lime trend is engulfing everything from jewellery to dresses, playsuits, bags and shoes.   [...]

Love Lila: Funky Online Boutique

Fashion forward and affordable… now that’s what we fashion lovers like!   Love LiLa is one of those online shops that ignores the faff and gets straight to the heart of fresh, funky fashion.  The quality of the current site may not be the best but I am told there’s a much slicker one on [...]

Accessory trends for 2011

Read Mia’s tips on what to look out for in 2011 when it comes to fashion accessories.

‘Bling Me Out’

This year’s jewellery is going to be anything but subtle, I think that’s why I am so excited. As I type I am grinning from ear to ear already preparing my card for the big shopping spree. Do not worry though, your brain can stop drawing up images of Pat Butcher and Mr. T, it [...]