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Kate Moss for Mango

Kate Moss is back with a new spring/summer collection for Barcelona retailer Mango. Previous celebrity collaborations with the brand include Penelope Cruz, Olivia Palermo and more recently, Scarlett Johansson.   Despite modelling for the crème de la crème of designer heavyweights and haute couture the newly married model has never snubbed high street labels.   [...]

The Good, The Great and The Even Better

2011 was packed to the rafters with fashion events that left us whirling. What better way to honour a year of major style headlines than by revisiting the top five that surpassed our expectations and touched our hearts. From ethereal runway shows to the wedding of the year and that dress. Here are some of the best fashions hits [...]

Questioning Fur

Witnessing anti-fur protestors on King Street (Manchester) recently made me think more about the ethics of wearing real fur, and whether or not it was okay to see celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Keira Knightley or Kate Moss parade around in dead animals.   For me personally, fake fur has always been the right answer, [...]

Celebrity Clothing Lines, Are They Worth The Hype?

These days it seems that celebs want a hand in everything possible– whether that be music careers, acting, fragrance deals or the more popular arena; clothes designing. If offered it, most celebrities jump in feet first.   The list of stars who have attempted to launch their own clothing lines is endless (take Madonna, Justin [...]

I Do! – Summer Wedding Outfits

Nearly two months on after the Royal Wedding, it would seem that tying the knot is still in vogue. With Lily Allen getting hitched to Sam Cooper this weekend and Kate Moss following her fashionable footsteps down the aisle three weeks later to wed Jamie Hince, the summertime is obviously still the favoured time of [...]

Black Is Beautiful

What can we say is generally seen as being beautiful to other people? Could it be black, mixed or very dark-skinned women?   It is a question that still circulates our thoughts today, and the worry of how positive the representations of black female models actually are or have been, within popular culture. As beauty [...]

Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress

OK, so we still don’t know which designer Kate Middleton’s going to use for her wedding to Prince William, but we thought we’d pick out a few that she could use for inspiration only. When we heard the rumour of Kate Moss possibly designing the bride-to-be’s dress we thought it best to implore Kate Middleton, [...]

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Catwalk Debut

News has it that Sarah Jessica Parker has decided to further contribute to the world of fashion, only now from behind the scenes rather than the silver screen.  Well about time!  If the likes of stylish Victoria Beckham can do it, so can SJP. For years now she has been setting the trends.  She has [...]