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Katy Perry’s New Hair

Katy Perry has had many sleek and crazy hairstyles, whether wigs or natural hair.  In her recent fashion choices we have seen her become somewhat more sophisticated, favouring playful but more ladylike outfits over the quirky, overtly-childish looks.  Perhaps this is part of her post-marriage reinvention; we’ve all been there – overhauling our look to [...]

The ‘have it all’ woman is probably just as lonely and fictitious as Ms. Havisham

Besides controlling our calorie intake and deciding on which humble bachelor we are to stumble down the aisle with, it seems that ‘having it all’ is just another item to add to the list of fates we women can only hope to master in our lives.   In the 50s, to ‘have it all’ would’ve [...]

Russell Brand Spotted With ‘New Girlfriend’

Russell Brand has only just signed his divorce papers, yet the rumour mill has already started to turn as speculation around a new girlfriend grows.   The English comedian was spotted and snapped out with Oriela Medellin shopping in West Hollywood over the weekend and the two were photographed as they headed to a shop [...]

Sealed with a smile

Katie Perry has signed legal documents with a smiley face after her divorce from comedian Russell Brand. The couple, who were married for a grand total of 14 months before announcing their split in December have reportedly reached a ‘comprehensive written settlement’. Katy’s positive attitude could be down to Brand, who, despite not signing a [...]

Berlin Fashion Week: The New Denim

  Fashion Week in Berlin brings the whole city to life. The city becomes a vibrant bubble full of visitors from across the country, up and coming designers and a collection of trade shows showcasing the new trends for the coming seasons. Being fortunate enough to be in Berlin during this week, I experienced two of [...]

The Men That Slipped The Net

My one is a guy I went out with when I was seventeen. Of course, all of you normal people who aren’t embroiled in the emotional turmoil of it all can turn and say to me, ‘But you were only a kid.’ I know that. But the two years we had together are still yet [...]

Style Crush: Marina Diamandis

Marina Diamandis, of The Diamonds fame, isn’t exactly on the mainstream side of music.. or fashion for that matter. The Welsh/Greek beauty stole my heart the moment I saw her in the glitzy, Americana cliché-filled music video for her single – ‘Hollywood’. With flowing dark hair and ruby red lips, Marina had an air of [...]

Nails 2011

There was once a time when I used to bite my nails right down, until nothing was left except tiny stumps! Such a bad habit but thankfully I eventually grew out of it, thank the Lord!   These days I am obsessed with keeping my nails healthy, filed neatly in a square shape and decorated [...]

Steal her style… Katy Perry

  Its been a bloody good year for Katy Perry, from kissing girls to kissing Russell Brand, a sell out tour, the launch of a perfume, a new album and a whole bunch of hit singles, the list goes on and on. And as if this wasn’t enough for 2010, the stylish singer has managed [...]

Russell Brand and Katy Perry Tie The Knot

Russell Brand and Katy Perry became Mr and Mrs Brand yesterday following a traditional Indian ceremony in a private ceremony at Man-i-Khas resort on the edge of the Rajasthani nature reserve.  The wedding was an intimate affair, well by South-Asian standards anyway, with 85 guests consisting of close family and friends. Russell Brand sported a [...]

Russell Brand and Katy Perry Set to Wed in India

Russell Brand and fiance Katy Perry have reportedly dispatched glossy invitations to their wedding list inviting friends to seven days of glittering, extravagant celebrations in India. It is thought the likes of Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Jonathan Ross, David Walliams and Noel Gallagher have all been invited to the wedding, rumoured to be held at the [...]

Russell Brand Jumps to Katy Perry’s Defence

Russell Brand was yesterday arrested at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) after an alleged attack on a member of the paparazzi. The British comedian was travelling with his fiance Katy Perry when he is said to have become irate at a photographer.  It is believed the photographer attempted to take snaps up Ms. Perry’s dress. [...]