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Layering 101

Some of the best things in life have layers. Cake, a good hair cut, ogres…Usually a technique reserved for winter, layering is an essential skill to master when you’re faced with bipolar weather conditions (all year round in England). Shrek may be so 2009, but layering is always current. The trick is to team lighter [...]

Ode to Primark

“Why are people queuing outside Primark?” I asked a friend during a Sunday shopping trip a few weeks ago. Is something happening? A new collection? Is the ultimate Christmas jumper being unveiled? No, they were just queuing. Tourists and locals alike. Taking pictures outside those renowned flagship doors.  The ‘bargain’ shop now internationally famous thanks [...]

Winter Survival

A dark sky, the sound of rain or the crazy wind usually greets me every morning, I am just waiting for the snow now!   Long gone are those warm, sunny days where the sun shone down on us, we will not be seeing that for quite a few more months! With that said, why [...]

Let’s Talk Aztec!

My favourite trend of the season (in fact the whole year!) is by far Aztec.   The print and style originating from Mexico has inspired designers and collections all over the world this summer and the trend hasn’t stopped there, it’s continued on to be a very important and popular trend of autumn/winter 2011 and [...]

Used and Abused Knitwear

I am a knitwear addict.   As the transition between autumn and winter quickly occurs, I’ve been on ugly knit patrol, sifting through endless second hand shops and vintage fairs. Not to toot my horn, but I’ve found some wonderful knitted jumpers that haven’t destroyed my bank balance. This particular jumper that I’m about to [...]

High Street Changing Rooms: Topshop

Knitted clothes are everywhere, knitted  maxis, knitted jumpers, knitted cardigans, knitted tights, knitted bags… the list is endless. Some items have that altogether super cosy look and this £60 ‘Knitted Navaho Cardigan’ is the perfect example.  So thick, so warm, so snug, so… gotta have it.  I just love the peach/terracotta colour combined with the [...]

Cosy Knitwear

It’s that time of year again, it’s freezing outside and layers are a must have when hitting the high street for those Christmas shopping sprees.   The cold weather doesn’t need to be fashion’s worst enemy with the big jumper and cardigan now becoming more stylish than ever. There are hundreds to choose from, whether [...]