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Singles Nights…?

I was at work the other day, having a flick through one of those free magazines people hand out on the street when I came across an article that made me both chuckle to myself and die a little inside all at the same time. It was about singles nights. Not just any singles nights [...]

Love Is A Four Letter Word

Not just literally, that is. So far as I’m concerned, also in the sense that it’s not one I either want or need to hear about. Sometimes it seems there are two kinds of people out there: those who spend their lives bouncing from one relationship to another and those who are happy without the [...]

Stolen Glances: The Tentative Business of ‘Hi’

Social etiquette is a total romance killer. Every day, millions of people pass millions more in the street. In true ‘Sliding Doors‘ style, just think of all of those ‘what if’ moments that lived for but a few seconds between each pairing of locked eyes. You know when it happens. One minute you’ll be trying [...]

Spoiling the Illusion: You Don’t Need a Relationship.

My name is Lucy. I am twenty-five years old, and I have been single for the last two and a half of them. My relationship with my own singularity is tumultuous and seems to go around in circles more times than when I play ‘laser pen’ with my cat. There are stages when I can [...]