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Hi, I’m Madonna and I’m a fame-aholic

Madonna, once the world’s best-loved superstars, known for all-time classic songs such as Material Girl and Vogue. Once hailed as the greatest singer of her time, a star who’d be remembered for generations to come for her influence on music. Yet now she’s a middle-aged mum who should probably be concentrating on her family and [...]

The Excessive Effects of Staying Trim

Jodie Marsh, Madonna, Janice Dickinson and now, newest recruit Sarah Harding show us why we shouldn’t over-do it when it comes to exercise, and why their new lifestyle is giving us a guilt-free pass to justifiably laze on the sofa with any takeaway of our choice.   Making dens when I was a child was [...]

‘Psychotic’ Madonna Stalker Escapes

A man who was convicted of harassing Madonna has escaped from a psychiatric unit in California.   Robert Dewey Hoskins received a 10-year prison sentence in 1996 after he broke into the singer’s home and threatened to slit her throat.   Hoskins was later released from prison and sent to a mental health facility in [...]

The Golden Globes: Best & Worst Dressed

Earlier this week probably seemed like quite a normal week for us regular people, but for celebrities a much anticipated event occured as Hollywood’s finest took to the red carpet for the 2012 Golden Globe Awards.   And what a night that was, stars from the likes of Angelina Jolie, Elle Macpherson and new comer [...]

Celebrities We Want To Hear About in 2012

Each year there are certain celebrities that grab the headlines whilst others try their best to evade them. Unfortunately the ones in the spotlight aren’t necessarily the ones we want there.   Megastars that we want to hear more about during 2012 (in no particular order) are pictured below.  Some of those included have passed [...]

Madonna Denies Sending Support To Gaga

Since unveiling her new single ‘Born This Way’ Lady Gaga has been under criticism over the single having an uncanny resemblance to Madonna’s ‘Express Yourself’.   But, Gaga was adamant there was no love lost between herself and the queen of pop, claiming that Madonna had sent and email offering her love and support, telling [...]

Madonna’s Latest Toy Boy Talks

Madonna’s new man Brahim Zaibat has described the Queen of Pop as “just a woman like all the others”. The 24-year-old spoke out for the first time in a revealing interview and said the affair had made him suspicious of old friends, and caused him to change his mobile number. Zaibat is a devout Muslim and [...]

Plastic Surgery – Is It Worth It?

There was a time when all children dressed like children and all adults looked like, well, normal human beings.  That was of course before attractive adults took to cosmetic surgery in a bid to keep their youthful looks. The last time Sharon Osbourne graced British television she looked fabulous for her age, albeit with the [...]

Material Girls: Madonna & Lourdes Sex Up Teenagers

Madonna is under scrutiny for “sexualising” young girls with the new fashion range Material Girl that her daughter of 13 years age has helped her design  The pop queen released images to launch the collection but campaigners have labelled it “inappropriate”.  It would apppear as though Madonna is reliving her youth through her daughter, and [...]