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Will a Proposal Ruin Your Relationship

I logged onto Facebook yesterday for my daily dose of being nosey. I was greeted by several posts referring to a girl from my year at school who had just gotten married in the local castle. She had also hired an owl. Right. Upon seeing this I mentioned it to a group of friends later [...]

Fun, Unusual Wedding Trends

Weddings – once upon a time, it seemed like if you had been to one, you had seen them all. Since then though, couples have embraced the challenge of differentiating themselves from their peers and parents by adopting unique (if not wacky) décor elements. Only time will tell if these innovative new concepts are the [...]

Avoid These 4 Facebook Relationship Fatalities

Facebook is awesome, right? Except when it endangers your relationship. Well, let us be clearer. Facebook is a wonderful way to stay in touch with family and friends and it can be fun for your relationship too. You can use a social networking site like Facebook to be flirty with your partner or potential partner. You [...]

I must not belong in Venus…

Ok, so I am a little out of my depth here… Well, a lot out of depth. I do not usually do this. I am usually a-writing-about-fashion-kind-o’-girl. You know the type; descriptions of material, the way it falls, what will go with it, etc. I do not write about dating or relationships. This is probably [...]

The One

  The One. The mystical person who is supposed to make your heart flutter and stomach flip. The enchanting soul mate that we are encouraged to spend our life searching for, the individual that all block buster films tell us will be gorgeous and smart and will pull us into whirlwind romances. That someone that [...]

To Marry Him Or Not To Marry Him?

This question troubles most of the ladies who are all set to walk down the Aisle and take vows. They suffer from this dilemma till the very last moment. If she is doing the right thing? Has she chosen the right person? Rather than being sure that He is the one, she keeps on questioning [...]

How Young is Too Young?

A very old school friend of mine is getting married in a matter of weeks and the lead up to the event has got me thinking, when is the right time to get married? The friend in question is 21 years old (like me) and got engaged when she was 20. The majority of people’s [...]

No Compromises

Some people just know what they want out of life, the house, dog and 2.4 children with a steady 9-5 to support it all.   When you first start out in a relationship, it’s all hearts and roses; you peacefully coexist and mesh together in a whirlwind of romance. Getting to know each other can [...]

Wedding Branding

Ever since I got engaged about a month ago I’ve been looking at ideas on Pinterest and planning what I would like but some of the stuff I’ve found has actually scared me! It’s all well and good planning a wedding and getting caught up in the excitement of it, yet when I found what [...]

The ‘have it all’ woman is probably just as lonely and fictitious as Ms. Havisham

Besides controlling our calorie intake and deciding on which humble bachelor we are to stumble down the aisle with, it seems that ‘having it all’ is just another item to add to the list of fates we women can only hope to master in our lives.   In the 50s, to ‘have it all’ would’ve [...]

Bring on the bunting – and the bondage

Love, liberty and libation.  Three things us Brits adore. And what better excuse to combine all three than a massive party in London?   (The weather sucked, but hey that’s traditional too.)   Belated ‘Congratulations’ ma’am’.  60 years of devotion to her country.  Her Majesty’s recent Diamond Jubilee had me enjoying strawberries, celebrating the extra [...]

Engaged For An Age

All of a sudden it’s become major news that Brad Pitt and Angelina are now engaged. After 6 kids and 7 years together since they first met on the set of Mr and Mrs Smith in 2005, people are desperate to know when their wedding will take place. The couple have previously been reported as [...]

I Certainly Do Not

Ask me if I’d like to wear a beautiful white dress, throw a huge party and own a diamond ring, and I’d probably say yes to all three. Ask me if I’d like to be somebody’s wife and it’s an unequivocal no.   I am not interested in marriage, never have been. I have never [...]

Will You Marry Me?

  Without doubt, as February 29th arrives, that one day that only happens every four years, the news will feature at least one heart-warming story about a woman proposing to a man, unfairly apparently the only time this reversal of customary roles can ever be done. The news story will always report a happy ending [...]

Denise Welch Accused Of Two Affairs

She may well have been on cloud nine with her success on the hit reality TV show Big Brother, but today Denise Welch has slipped back down to earth with a bang.   The 53-year-old loose woman was crowned winner of Big Brother last week, but today Denise Welch is facing allegations she cheated on [...]

Dreading Weddings

It’s always difficult to feel the magic of Christmas ebb away each year. It’s an almighty killjoy of a sensation that puts me in a thoroughly grumpy mood for January. As the new year came in I looked down at my protruding food-stuffed tummy and groaned about the hassle of having to cram all of [...]

Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel Engaged!

Love is most definitely in the air right now as yet another celebrity couple look set to tie the knot, this time it’s the two mega stars that are Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel! Anyone else feeling a little jealous right now? It was only a matter of days ago that I wrote about the [...]

Marvin Humes & Rochelle Wiseman Engaged!

  As one more celebrity marriage ends, so another one begins…   This time it’s none other than our very own home grown Marvin Humes and Rochelle Wiseman, who have today announced their engagement!   The hunky JLS star popped the question to the 22-year-old Saturdays singer whilst on their Carribean holiday in Antigua. Rochelle [...]

Spotted: Removal Van Outside Of Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore’s Home

A removal van has been reportedly seen parked outside of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore’s home in Santa Monica, California, suggesting their relationship has taken a turn for the worst. Ashton Kutcher was left feeling utterly ashamed when Sara Leal informed the press that she and Kutcher had slept together on his and Demi’s sixth [...]

Me, Myself and Him

Anyone who has read my author bio on the site will know that I’ve managed to fit quite a lot of life into my short 28 years. Without wanting to put too finer point on the negatives, there have been a fair few low moments for one so young and inexperienced, however, my love of [...]