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Cheer up boys, your mascara is running

In the spirit of Movember… Let’s take a moment to think about life for the men in our lives. Life is tough for women – but it’s not like guys have it easy either.  If they get genital cancer, they frequently feel they are losing their manhood, their identity, their masculinity.  Either their testicles, or [...]

Sickness Does Not A Burgeoning Relationship Nurture

It’s been a little while but I’m back again. Actually several months, but who’s counting.  I’m certainly not.  I was utterly thrown into emergency-stop mode by a horrendous illness that confined me to my mum’s house for a substantial period of recuperation.   It surprised me how long it took to get used to life [...]


Gaining respect in a relationship is a must. It concludes how your partner will treat you and more importantly, how you feel about yourself.   Ultimately, a partner cannot truly love you if they do not respect you, thus you cannot truly love yourself if you let another person disrespect you.   In order to [...]

Simon and Dannii’s Hidden Romance Revealed… OOH-AHHHH

Outside it’s dark, it’s dingy, the heatwave has tumbled away, huffing and puffing, tail between its legs and well, everything is just a little bit bland. The passing traffic looks exhausted and the birds can’t even be arsed to chirp anymore. What we need is some excitement. And, like in every other situation, what we [...]

Mars, Venus and a Planet in Between

Witnessing an argument on the train today, I realised something pretty profound. Women can be very selfish creatures.  Never mind that screaming at someone down the phone on a full train is bloody bad manners, not to mention the question of why on earth you wouldn’t mind so many people witnessing you in such an [...]

Another Blue Valentine’s Day

So, in the world of post-apocalyptic Valentine’s days, the big red balloons come down from shop windows, people stop complaining about being single and the love that was in the air is preserved in a tightly-sealed vacuum until next year. This may sound morose, but this is the only way I see it. I’ve even [...]

Ramblings of a First Time Dater

Entering the dating scene, so far, has been relatively painless but wildly confusing. I’ve always been one for dating within childhood friendship groups – you have the safety of knowing who they are, where they’re from, what they do, what they’re like – but I’ve recently branched out to meet up with ‘strangers’.   At [...]

Valentines Day – necessary or nonsense?

In roughly two weeks time most couples will be giving and receiving cards that say “I Love You”, sending roses and making an effort to be romantic to their other halves.   Valentines Day is approaching and it is the one day that you should hold hands and gaze into each others eyes – or [...]

How To Lose a Guy in Two Dates

A fresh new interest. After being single for a while, you come across a man that ticks all the right boxes, and he seems to be showing an interest in you too – not something that comes around every day! And what’s more, he’s come to you at the right time, and nothing seems to [...]

What Santa Gave To Me

My inaugural article seems an apt time to wish all a belated New Year.  With the festive season now a happy memory, I can analytically reflect on what Santa gave to me.   I can genuinely say I am the happiest I have been in a while. I am proud that I neither overate nor [...]

Should We Change To Suit Our Man?

Oh, for those moments of weightlessness, as we drift through life on a high of magical euphoria. The reckless abandon and tender kisses shared over the dinner table. The beginning stages of lust. We caress each moment until we squeeze them so hard they slip from our grasp and slide away. Who could blame a [...]

Good Old Fashioned Gal

I’ve got a secret to tell you. Come a little bit closer and I’ll whisper it in your ear.   I’ve kind of… sort of… got a boyfriend.   Yes, that still feels exceptionally weird to say, particularly as it’s been about two years since I’ve even thought about giving someone that label. And to [...]

A Tough Nut To Crack

It is as though I walk around with armour, a bullet proof vest or a brick wall, maybe even all three combined.   When it comes to opening up in a relationship, my thoughts and words get tangled and my heart races hard. It seems to be the most difficult obstacle to overcome. You hope [...]

Ghosts of Christmas’ past

Considering myself a bit of Scrooge when it comes to Christmas anyway I seem to have taken the role to a whole new level this year. Just as the man himself was visited by 3 ghosts of Christmas past present and future so was I, well more precisely men.   Stuck in a single rut [...]

The Gentleman and The Lady

I am in love with old fashioned romance! The days where men use to open doors for women, surprise them with flowers and chocolates and make an effort to connect intellectually.   I cannot help but feel that many women are lacking the gentleman, the man who would go to any lengths in order to [...]

Social Media Making It Harder To Move On?

When moving on from a relationship I’m a firm believer in the concept of ‘out of sight out of mind’. However, in this day and age with social media, networking sites and messenger applications steering clear of an ex is not as simple as avoiding his local. Getting through the day can be hard enough [...]

Compromise or Character-Crushing?

We’re constantly reminded that, when it comes to relationships, there is a certain element of give and take; there will be times when compromises need to be made, when you will have to miss poker night for a work event that isn’t yours, or even times when you’ll have to vacate your own house for [...]

Is It A Language Or Dialect Difference That Makes Relationships So Hard?

Over the years we’ve repeatedly heard the clichéd idea that men and women are from completely different worlds, Venus and Mars are the stereotypical areas, and there have been many variations on this theory since its development. One that I heard recently was that men and women have such problems because there is a distinct [...]

Losing Control

Having control always seemed to be the way things were for me, I would always do well when it came to my education, any job I took on would be successfully completed and if I wanted to own that pair of killer high heels it would be so. Nothing seemed out of my reach that [...]

The Good, The Bad And The Truth?

The good thing about being in a heterosexual relationship, and to be honest finding the virtues is sometimes like clutching at straws, is that men will always be honest about what you look like, in particular what you choose to wear – sometimes to a fault. An enormous, confidence-bashing fault. Female friends, on the other hand, [...]