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Fashioning the Future

Setting trends to define generations and creating icons that will be celebrated and placed on pedestals for years to come, fashion is so much more than which pair of Kurt Geiger shoes compliments the dress of the season and establishing the latest hemlines. The fashion world may never be the leading news headlines or top [...]

Celebrities That Look 10 Years Younger

Demi Moore She was always fresh faced even in the days of filming Ghost but when she showed off her amazing body, and face, for the Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle movie the world was stunned by this young looking actress.  Aged 48 this movie star looks fantastic for her age.  Having moved home 40 times [...]

Black Is Beautiful

What can we say is generally seen as being beautiful to other people? Could it be black, mixed or very dark-skinned women?   It is a question that still circulates our thoughts today, and the worry of how positive the representations of black female models actually are or have been, within popular culture. As beauty [...]